Omnichannel Customer Journey

How an Open Digital Platform Can Eliminate Silos

Managing the omnichannel customer journey may be the single biggest challenge for brands and their marketing teams. Marketers must be able to deliver the right message, at the right moment, on the right channel for every individual across their customer journey – automatically sensing the next step of their journey, inferring the best action based on live context and a truly unified view of your customers.

While the idea is straightforward, the process of achieving it is anything but easy. The advent of digital marketing technology seemed to hold lots of promise for mastering the omnichannel customer journey, but siloed information and disconnected marketing technologies have made it all but impossible.

Acquia provides a solution: a powerful cloud marketing platform eliminating silos by integrating disparate channels, unifying your customer data and orchestrating every stage of the omnichannel customer journey by centrally planning, reacting to, and triggering customer experiences in real-time.

The challenge of managing the customer journey across channels

With the rapid rise of digital marketing tools and new marketing technologies, marketers have felt they are closer than ever to the goal of delivering relevant, personalized content and offers at any point in an omnichannel customer journey, engaging individuals with compelling and relevant experiences.

This goal, however, has been frustrated by disconnected marketing technologies and data sources that make it difficult to get a 360° view of customers and to orchestrate next-best actions across all channels. To overcome these hurdles, brands and their marketing teams spend a great deal of time whiteboarding ideal omnichannel customer journeys and building business logic into existing but disconnected touchpoints and technologies. The result: more siloed environments where complex business rules are confined to a single channel.


Acquia Marketing Cloud: orchestrating the omnichannel customer journey

Acquia Marketing Cloud helps marketers to better listen and learn from customers so they can craft an omnichannel sequence of personalized touchpoints tailoring the customer journey for every individual.

Acquia Marketing Cloud enables marketers to map out ideal customer paths to conversion and beyond and connect the various marketing technologies that serve each aspect of an omnichannel customer journey. By unifying all sources of customer, context, business, ancillary data and more within the enterprise stack, Acquia Marketing Cloud creates a centralized profile that delivers actionable real-time insight , including who your customers are, what they want and how brands can best serve their needs.

No matter where an individual is in their omnichannel customer journey – whether they’re using social media, on an app, browsing the web, on a connected device or shopping in a brick-and-mortar store – Acquia Marketing Cloud connects everything to orchestrate communications at any given moment during the customer lifecycle.



Acquia Marketing Cloud provides:

  • A built-in journey mapping tool with drag-and-drop functionality that lets marketers design maps of all the steps where audiences interact with a brand in an omnichannel customer journey
  • Real-time optimization based on a decision engine and artificial intelligence that automatically identify what customers are doing in real-time and trigger the ideal next action on any channel with tools for digital personalization
  • Centralized customer data profiles that unify data from multiple sources to provide an actionable, 360° view of prospects and customers
  • Integration of martech and adtech, using pre-built connectors to integrate disparate tools that serve a variety of touchpoints and channels, enabling them to work together seamlessly to deliver connected experiences at every step
  • Reporting and detailed analytics that enables marketers to optimize campaigns by tracking activity and actions to identify what works and what doesn’t
  • Customer service that provides support to help create strategies for a superior omnichannel customer journe

What can you do with Acquia Marketing Cloud?

With Acquia Marketing Cloud, you can:

  • Know your customers’ next step before they take it: Use the drag-and-drop mapping tool and experience orchestration engine to reach targeted audiences at the precise time and on the right channel throughout their omnichannel customer journey.
  • Make every customer interaction matter: Processes events, nonevents, words, phrases and other data sources in real-time to initiate and guide journeys at scale. Centralized decision logic enables marketers to create journey logic once and reuse it across channels and touchpoints.
  • Automate best next actions: Smart orchestration hub enables marketers to establish logic and rules that process real-time actions on any channel to more effectively drive engagement, conversion and customer support based on real-time insights.
  • Future proof marketing technology in a fast-changing ecosystem: Easily connect systems and touchpoints in existing databases with whatever database, system, and/or channel comes next. Logic and profiles are stored centrally, streamlining the addition or replacement of new technology at any point.

Acquia is the #1 choice for omnichannel customer journeys on Drupal 

Acquia is an open digital experience platform that’s made for Drupal. Acquia enables the world’s most ambitious brands to build, run and optimize best-in-class digital experiences across all channels. Acquia’s suite of solutions – including open source marketing automation and open source email marketing software – leverage the power of Drupal marketing capabilities to help brands embrace innovation and create more customer moments that matter.

For organizations building Drupal-based experiences, Acquia is the natural choice to orchestrate the omnichannel customer journey. Drupal, data and content are in Acquia’s DNA – the same open-source pioneer who created Drupal is also the founder of Acquia, providing Acquia’s developers with unique insight into the inner workings of the Drupal platform. With Acquia and Drupal, companies can build on an open source foundation to create more meaningful relationships with customers in data-driven, one-to-one experiences.

FAQs: what is an omnichannel customer journey?

FAQs: what is an omnichannel customer journey?

The omnichannel customer journey refers to the many steps and interactions that a customer will take from knowing nothing about a brand, to becoming a loyal customer, advocate and beyond. An omnichannel customer journey is one that meets individuals where they are, through the channels and devices they are using. For example, Omnichannel customer journeys can take place on a variety of channels or media, from websites, mobile apps, commerce sites and email to SMS, social networks and even in-store visits and customer service channels.

What are the benefits of orchestrating an omnichannel customer journey?

When brands and marketing teams can deliver the right information or offer to customers at any point and on any channel in their journey, they satisfy the customer’s needs and desires while encouraging the customer to take the next step toward a sale, conversion or advocacy. A solution for expertly managing the omnichannel customer journey enables brands to increase conversions, streamline workflows and create happier customers.

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