Cloud Marketing Platform
How an Open Digital Platform Can Eliminate Silos

As the digital marketing landscape becomes more complex and your marketing technology grows increasingly fragmented, a cloud marketing platform with 6 capabilities can help to streamline campaign execution and optimize your martech stack.

Acquia Campaign Studio is an open cloud marketing platform designed to simplify marketing automation for your entire team. Built on open source standards, Campaign Studio easily plugs into the tools in your existing environment to help breakdown data silos and connect disparate systems for greater access to your customer data, allowing you to build, deliver, and optimize exceptional digital experiences.

The challenge of managing marketing automation

While it’s supposed to make marketing easier and more effective, marketing automation has not always lived up to its hype. Legacy tools are increasingly complicated and often require dedicated, certified technicians to run them. Implementing marketing automation can be time-consuming and overwhelming for teams not accustomed to all the decisions, data and content required for automation to work. 

There’s an additional challenge of tying your marketing automation solution into all the other pieces of your marketing stack, which may have already have integration issues. The average martech stack is running 14 components, and only 3% of marketing professionals believe their stacks are adequately connected. That means the vast majority of marketing teams are working with technology that can’t fully access and share data, trigger automated workflows, or personalize targeted campaigns.

For companies seeking a powerful cloud marketing automation platform that makes things simpler rather than harder, Campaign Studio is the answer.

Acquia Campaign Studio: the world’s only open cloud marketing automation platform.


Acquia Campaign Studio is a cloud marketing platform that enables organizations to automate multi-channel communications at scale, while personalizing digital experiences for individuals. With a flexible and modern design, Campaign Studio lets marketing teams move quickly and adapt easily to changing marketing requirements. 

With Campaign Studio’s cloud marketing platform, you can:

  • Orchestrate multi-channel, automated campaigns, creating email, text, mobile, and web messages with an intuitive and visual builder
  • Know your visitors better with superior website tracking capabilities, allowing you to deliver a better customer experience
  • Customize individual landing pages for your target audiences
  • Personalize your web and email experiences by using existing contact and real-time engagement data to deliver relevant content to individual contacts
  • Connect Campaign Studio to all of your business-critical technology solutions with open APIs, native plugins, and integrations

Benefits of Campaign Studio cloud marketing platform

Campaign Studio offers significant advantages for marketing teams.

  • Simplify marketing for everyone on your team. Campaign Studio makes it easy for anyone to create email nurture campaigns, run A/B tests, personalize communications, and track results – all without help from IT or dedicated, certified staff. With Campaign Studio, your team can get campaigns off the ground in minutes rather than days.
  • Access all your data. As the only open cloud marketing automation platform, Acquia Campaign Studio integrates easily with all the disparate elements of your marketing technology stack, giving you unparalleled access to your data across all your technology, allowing you to develop more personalized and targeted campaigns.
  • Work smarter, not harder. Acquia Campaign Studio provides unrivaled flexibility to create anything from simple email campaigns to sophisticated multi-channel campaigns with less effort and greater success. And with the ability to produce more dynamic and creative content across all channels, you have all the tools you need to build stronger relationships with your audience.

Why make Acquia your cloud marketing platform?

Acquia is an open source content management system and digital experience platform that gives businesses and marketers the power to automate, personalize, and measure the entire customer lifecycle. Founded by the inventor of Drupal, Acquia’s software and services are built around Drupal to enable enterprises to more easily take advantage of the power of Drupal marketing and website tools to deliver better digital experiences.

In 2019, Acquia acquired Campaign Studio (formerly Mautic) to extend its open source capabilities and enable brands to engage with customers in a more unified and intelligent way. By adding Campaign Studio’s marketing automation and campaign management capabilities to its open digital experience platform, Acquia continues to help companies innovate faster. 

In addition to Campaign Studio, Acquia’s cloud marketing platform includes additional solutions for building stronger relationships with customers.

  • Acquia Customer Data Platform allows marketers to listen and learn from customers, gleaning the insight they need to create a sequence of personalized touchpoints.
  • Acquia Personalization is the only personalization software tool optimized for Drupal. With point-and-click functionality, Lift is a no-code application that lets anyone personalize marketing content – without special training or help from IT. 
  • Acquia Campaign Factory is the only solution that lets you manage multiple Campaign Studio marketing automation accounts from a central location, making it easier to scale campaigns and to deliver valuable campaign elements across multiple teams or clients. 
  • Acquia Cloud Platform and Acquia Site Factory provide Drupal hosting and development tools to build, update, and optimize hundreds of Drupal websites.
  • Acquia Lightning and Acquia Site Studio help developers and non-developers to build better Drupal sites faster. 
  • Acquia Digital Asset Management simplifies management of images, logos, videos, PDFs, and more. 
  • Acquia Commerce Manager provides the most secure and flexible platform for content-rich experiential commerce.

FAQs: what is a cloud marketing platform?

What is a cloud marketing platform?

A cloud marketing platform is a collection of marketing technologies that marketers can access with the web, rather than technologies which are installed on-premise. A cloud marketing platform will typically include tools for managing campaigns, producing content, automating tasks, engaging customers through social media, and for managing analytics and reports to optimize marketing efforts. 

What are the benefits of a cloud marketing platform? 

With a cloud marketing platform, organizations can: 

  • Eliminate the burden of maintaining on-premise marketing technology
  • Gain faster access to new capabilities and tools
  • Access marketing technology from anywhere, at any time
  • Scale more easily as business and marketing requirements evolve
  • Collaborate more efficiently with colleagues and partners

What is an open cloud marketing automation platform?

An open cloud marketing automation platform is a set of marketing tools built on open source software and designed to automate the management, execution, personalization, analytics and reporting on marketing campaigns. Whether it’s powering personalization tools, CRM systems, or email marketing software, open source software makes it easier to integrate marketing automation technology with other products in a marketing technology stack.