The Open Marketing Cloud: A No-BS Demonstration of Mautic’s Platform

You might have heard that Acquia recently acquired Campaign Studio (formerly Mautic), creators of the world’s only open marketing automation and campaign management platform. Interested in learning more?

Who is this webinar for?

  • Acquia customers actively evaluating marketing automation solutions.
  • Anyone who is unhappy with Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, or HubSpot.
  • Anyone who is using an email point solution wondering where they go from here.

Why should you watch?

  • Because you want to see how a modern platform compares to those same legacy solutions that have been around for over a decade.
  • Because you’ve got marketing tools you’ve bought – along with proprietary systems your company has built – and you’re struggling to integrate them and make all that valuable data actionable.
  • Because you’re tired of being nickeled and dimed every time you need more data, want advanced features, or require expert support.
  • Because Open Marketing has piqued your curiosity and now you’re interested to see what the actual advantages are for you and your customers.


Meet Mautic: Marketer to Marketer