Email Marketing Software Open Source

How an Open Digital Platform Can Eliminate Silos

Automated email marketing continues to be one of the most powerful tools for reaching customers with personalized content. Automated campaigns enable marketing teams to more efficiently deliver the right message at the right time to customers, with content personalization that delivers relevant and accurate messaging to continually nurture and build better customer relationships. 

However, the amount of time involved in creating and managing multiple automated email marketing campaigns can easily overwhelm the resources of marketing teams responsible for a wide variety of campaigns across multiple channels. And while the market is full of proprietary email marketing software, many of these solutions are too rigid to provide the agility marketers need to respond to new opportunities or the flexibility they need to configure systems to the exact needs of their organization.

Acquia provides an answer in Campaign Studio, the world’s only open source marketing automation and email marketing software. 

The benefits of email marketing software built on open source code 

When comparing proprietary vs. open source email marketing software, the winner quickly becomes clear. Benefits of email marketing software built on open source code include:

  • Flexibility to integrate with your marketing technology stack today and tomorrow: New technologies to simplify and automate marketing are constantly emerging, and open source solutions ensure your email marketing software can not only integrate easily with your current technologies but with the solutions you acquire next year and in the future.
  • More skilled talent available: Email and marketing automation platforms can be complex to manage and maintain. With open source email marketing software, you’ll have access to a much larger community of developers and marketers who have the experience and expertise you need.
  • Lower cost: Email marketing software with open source licenses are much less costly than their proprietary counterparts.
  • Full access to data: With email marketing software on open source platforms, your data will never be locked behind proprietary code and you’ll never need expensive help from a vendor to access data that you own.

Acquia Campaign Studio: powerful open source email marketing software

Part of Acquia’s suite of Drupal marketing solutions, Acquia Campaign Studio is a fully featured marketing automation platform with email marketing software that’s part of an open source platform with a modern and flexible design. With Campaign Studio, organizations of every size can generate and send multi-channel communications at scale, while personalizing communications with individual contacts. Campaign Studio enables marketing teams to easily collect important contact information, optimize and replicate campaigns and easily report on key metrics and results. 


Key features of this open source email marketing software include:

  • Easy personalization with dynamic content – including existing contact and real-time engagement data – to personalize email and web experiences by delivering more relevant content.
  • Multi-channel campaign management, easily orchestrating automated campaigns with an intuitive, visual builder for email as well as web, mobile and text messages.
  • Landing pages that can be easily customized with tailored content for target audiences.
  • Website tracking, enabling you to get to know your visitors once email campaigns drive them to your website.
  • Flexible integrations, including open APIs and native plug-ins that easily connect Acquia Campaign Studio to other business-critical components in your marketing technology stack.

Advantages: Flexibility. Ease-of-use. Personalization.

Advantages of Acquia’s email marketing software and open source platform include:

  • Open source flexibility. As the only open source email marketing software, Campaign Studio plugs into your existing systems easily, giving you the flexibility to change and adapt as your business needs evolve and new technology emerges. With Campaign Studio, you have full ownership of your data so you can maximize the effectiveness of communications with your audience based on their preferences and interests.
  • Easy campaign execution. With open source email marketing software from Campaign Studio, it’s easy for everyone on your team to build campaigns, personalize content, run A/B tests and measure results. Campaign Studio’s easy-to-use tools eliminate the need to hire specialists to manage email marketing, enabling your team to get campaigns off the ground in minutes rather than days.
  • More personal interaction. Campaign Studio’s open source email marketing software gives your team the unparalleled flexibility to create multi-channel campaigns with highly personalized experiences, using dynamic content that enables more personal relationships with customers.

Why choose open source email marketing software from Acquia?

Acquia is an open digital experience company that empowers the world’s most ambitious brands to embrace innovation and create customer moments that matter. Founded by the creator of Drupal, Acquia provides infrastructure, support and services to enterprise organizations using Drupal. With Drupal in our DNA, Acquia is a leading contributor to the Drupal project, and our developers have unique insight into the inner workings of the Drupal platform.

Dedicated to promoting open source solutions that enable ambitious digital experiences, Acquia combines solutions for Drupal cloud hosting, faster Drupal development, digital asset management and richer commerce experiences with a cloud marketing platform featuring solutions such as email marketing software, personalization tools, and technology to orchestrate the omnichannel customer journey.

FAQs: what is open source email marketing software?

What is open source email marketing software?

Open source email marketing software enables marketing teams to simplify and automate email marketing campaigns using open source applications that, freed from the limitations of proprietary software, can be easily modified, extended and integrated with other components of the marketing technology stack. 

What are the benefits of email marketing software built on open source code?

With email marketing software created as open source projects, marketing teams get a solution that can be tailored to the exact needs of their organization, and one that can easily evolve and adapt over time. Open source email marketing software provides greater flexibility and enables free movement of data through all enterprise systems.