As one of the world’s most popular CMS solutions, Drupal is used by brands and marketing teams around the world to build exceptional experiences on websites, mobile apps and many other forms of digital content. For marketing teams that want to leverage the considerable functionality of Drupal and the data it provides, finding the right solution for Drupal marketing is a top priority. 

Fortunately, Acquia offers a solution: an open digital experience platform built for Drupal that enables marketing teams to more effectively personalize content, automate campaigns and orchestrate the omnichannel customer experience.

The challenge of managing a multichannel journey

In this new area of digital marketing, the overriding goal of marketers is to deliver the most relevant and personalized content to customers at every point and on any channel in their customer journey, and to be able to take the best next action at any moment based on the customer’s behavior.

Orchestrating this kind of digital personalization and multichannel communication requires a huge amount of information and coordination. Marketers not only need data about customer demographics, geolocation and previous history, but about what customers are doing and looking for right now. Unfortunately, in most companies, the data that could provide this intelligence is locked up in silos residing in a variety of systems, and the technology that could orchestrate this journey is disconnected or poorly integrated to the martech stack.

Drupal offers the potential to solve this challenge. As an open source platform, Drupal can be integrated far more easily to existing systems, using open APIs and integrations to allow customer data to flow more easily throughout the enterprise. Additionally, Drupal-based digital properties enable marketers to collect invaluable data that can help to build a more complete view of customers. The key to using Drupal for marketing is finding the right technology to unlock the potential within Drupal and to provide digital teams with powerful tools for harnessing it.

Acquia: the key to Drupal marketing effectiveness

Acquia is an open digital experience platform that is optimized for Drupal marketing functionality. Leveraging the capabilities and flexibility of the Drupal platform, Acquia delivers tools that help the world’s most ambitious brands to build exceptional digital experiences across all channels, and to personalize communications, automate campaigns and orchestrate the omnichannel customer journey.

In addition to solutions for building, managing and optimizing digital experiences, Acquia delivers a suite of marketing tools that augment Drupal marketing capabilities.


Acquia Personalization is a website personalization software tool that is optimized for Drupal marketing and allows anyone to personalize digital content by simply pointing and clicking. With a no-code application, Acquia Personalization eliminates the complexity of content personalization and relieves IT teams from the responsibility of building and maintaining personalization programs. With Acquia Personalization, digital teams can analyze user profiles, create segments, syndicate content from Drupal and build personalizations in a visual builder that allows them to see exactly what a targeted customer will see.


Acquia Campaign Studio is the world’s only open source marketing automation platform, enabling digital teams to easily automate personalized communications across all digital properties and channels. With Campaign Studio, marketers can send multichannel communications at scale while simultaneously personalizing the experience for individual contacts. And Campaign Studio open source email marketing software enables marketers to more easily personalize and manage email communications.


Acquia Campaign Factory is the only centralized marketing automation management platform, enabling digital teams to manage multiple Campaign Studio marketing automation accounts from a central location. Campaign Factory enables efficient delivery of valuable campaign elements across multiple teams or clients, while still providing complete control and visibility.


Acquia’s advantages for Drupal marketing



With Acquia tools for Drupal marketing, you can:

  • Connect systems and data sources with open APIs. Acquia fuels Drupal marketing programs with the data they need by utilizing open APIs and integrations to unlock data silos and connect disparate technologies. 
  • Get a 360° view of customers. Real-time data collection and integration with enterprise systems enable marketers to aggregate and integrate data more effectively to create a single view of the customer.
  • Personalize content more easily. Acquia Personalization reduces the complexity of personalization with point-and-click tools, while Campaign Studio automates personalization efforts with dynamic and relevant content using real-time engagement data.
  • Streamline campaign management. Acquia solutions automate many aspects of marketing campaigns and the tasks involved in orchestrating communications for an omnichannel customer journey. 


Why choose Acquia for Drupal marketing?

Nobody knows Drupal like Acquia. Acquia was founded by the same open source pioneer who created Drupal, and our company has long been a leading contributor to the Drupal platform. Today, we continue to push the Drupal marketing envelope in ways that no other company can, with services, contributions, developers, programs and partners that no one else offers. With Acquia as your Drupal marketing platform, you can leverage the power of Drupal and the data collected from your Drupal-based digital experiences to connect with customers in new and meaningful ways.

FAQs: what is Drupal marketing?

What is Drupal marketing?

Drupal is an open source content management software solution that is used to build many of the world’s most recognized websites and applications. As a powerful CMS solution, Drupal is behind many of the digital experiences that are part of the marketing efforts of leading brands. While Drupal itself does not offer marketing tools, the Drupal community has created many Drupal marketing modules that can be used with Drupal sites, and Acquia provides an entire platform of marketing solutions that are optimized for Drupal.