PageCorrect™ helps you address quality assurance and accessibility errors directly via the Monsido platform without having to log into your CMS.

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Immediately Address Errors

PageCorrect lets you quickly address issues on-the-spot on the Monsido platform and populate them on your website.

  • Address web accessibility issues such as missing alt attributes and improperly used HTML header elements
  • Repair quality assurance errors like broken links, broken images, and misspellings
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Achieve Compliance, Maintain Quality Assurance

When you’re short on time and resources, it can be a struggle to know where to start with optimizing your site. With PageCorrect, you can maintain your site by immediately responding to errors without having to manually find and fix them in your CMS, helping you stay on top of your website’s quality.

  • Achieve WCAG compliance
  • Customize your own rules for web content
  • Update specific text used across your website in bulk
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PageAssist™ is a accessibility toolbar that helps display your website in a way that is more usable and visually accessible. 

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