User-Friendly Website Statistics

Get vital insights on visitor behavior and clear data to analyze your site’s performance.

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Easy Monitoring

Simplify analytics by presenting information on an intuitive dashboard and understandable data visualization.

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Ensure Compliance

Run regular website checks to stay compliant with legislative accessibility and data privacy standards.

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Track User Behavior

Get real-time data to help understand your site and visitor behavior, and see which areas can be improved.

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Anonymized Tracking

Get insights into visitor behavior with Monsido's Cookieless Tracking feature. This privacy-friendly feature provides anonymized website tracking without setting a single cookie in the user's browser.

Key Features

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Understand Visitor Behavior

Get indicators on bounce rates and traffic sources in order to adapt content to audience interests.

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Cookieless Tracking

Capture your website visitor behavior with anonymized, user-identifiable data.

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Understand Progress

Cross-compare website statistics from any two time periods for more details on your progress in delivering longitudinal website excellence.

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Track Website Events

Understand how people interact with your website to inform user experience improvements.

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Identify Your Website’s Biggest Issues

Find out if you're delivering the best possible web experience for your visitors.

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