Support and Training

We're dedicated to helping you improve your website. Book training or ongoing support with our Customer Success team to get up to speed.

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Need Assistance?

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Phone Support

Contact our support team, and we'll assist you with any needs.

  • North America: +1 858-281-2185
  • APAC: +61 2 9051 0590
  • Europe: +45 89 88 85 05
  • UK & IE: :+44 20 4579 4491
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Chat Support

Our in-app chat support is great for answering quick questions. You can also create support requests directly in the platform and we’ll respond promptly.

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Comprehensive Training Program

Invest in your team by giving them the skills they need to use Monsido to the fullest extent. Customers who invest in training consistently experience fewer errors on their websites and create better web experiences for their visitors. That’s why we offer a wide range of training options: in-person classes with hands-on instruction, virtual training, private workshops, and more.

Maximize Your Value

We know that learning to use a new tool can be tough. We’ll take you through the Monsido tool and provide training webinars for the following.

  • Introductory walk-through of the platform and it’s various offerings
  • Understanding what the tool entails and deeper insights into areas like: SEO best practices, accessibility standards, content guidelines, user experience, and more
  • Detailed implementation explanations
  • Finding and fixing errors
  • Understanding and reporting on diagnostics
  • Continuous website improvements
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Identify Your Website’s Biggest Issues

Find out if you're delivering the best possible web experience for your visitors.

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