PageAssist™ is a toolbar that you can add to your website to give visitors control over the way they experience your site.

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Cover All Your Accessibility Bases

PageAssist is an add-on feature from Monsido that complements your web accessibility efforts by offering more options for visitors to better access content and functions across your website. Make your site available to a wider audience to better achieve your business goals and ensure an equal experience for all your visitors.

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Personalized Website Experiences

PageAssist makes actual changes to your site in real-time in order to make it more usable and visually accessible. Visitors can set colors, fonts, font size, cursor size, text spacing, default contrast, formatting, and more, making it easier for them to consume your website’s content by altering its appearance to suit their individual needs. Visitors are also able to better isolate and see menu items for easier navigation.

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PageCorrect™ is a revolutionary new tool that allows you to instantly address quality assurance and accessibility issues without needing to login to your CMS.

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