Extensive capabilities for web optimization, accessibility, and compliance. 

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The Basics of Web Optimization

Regular website scans deliver an overview of website performance and empowers you to take informed action.

Seamless Setup

Easily install the Monsido script on any website that deploys with a CMS and see errors highlighted on the page they occur. 

Automated Website Scans

Choose between weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly automated website scans. 

On-Demand Scans

Trigger an on-demand scan whenever you need it.

Prioritized Content 

Monsido determines the most important pages and content on your site based on the number of views and links, enabling you to prioritize maintenance on these pages first. 

Domain Overview

Get a quick overview of all the different website domains and subdomains that you’ve set up for scanning in the Monsido platform.

Domain Dashboard

Utilize the dashboard to get an overview of each individual domain and see which areas need most attention. 

History Center

Track your progress over time and ensure compliance with a built-in audit log.

Report Center

Set up which weekly reports you need sent to team members for a proactive approach to website maintenance.


From images to PDFs to other digital assets, inventory provides a centralized list of all media.

CMS Integrations

Monsido integrates with the most common content management systems (CMS), allowing you to make fixes at the source in real time.

Browser Extension

Find and fix issues as you browse the website with the Browser Extension available in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

Unlimited Users

Add an unlimited number of users, assign them to specific groups, and manage permissions in one place.

Team Collaboration

Managing a website is a team sport. Get everyone involved in website maintenance and optimization, and streamline workflows with these features.

Domain Grouping

Group your domains to simplify and ensure focus for team members working on your website. 

Issue View

Readily share links to specific issues so other team members can view and take quick action.

Share Reports

Subscribe non-Monsido users to receive reports to enable cross-team collaboration and transparency. 


Create labels for clearer division of work and better project management.

User Permissions

Customize who gets certain access types to certain domain or modules for better operational governance.

Filter by Role

We’ve preemptively categorized accessibility issues based on the W3C recommended roles.

Identify Your Website’s Biggest Issues

Find out if you're delivering the best possible web experience for your visitors.

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