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Up to 24 %

Conversion rates on "QuickWin" campaigns

6 X

Improvement in SMS conversion rates



To continue its growth and maintain its leadership position in the marketplace, Arcelik needed a better understanding of its customers.


With so many data endpoints, Arcelik had plenty of customer data but no way to create a unified customer view that would inform smarter marketing activities.

Our Solution

Acquia CDP


Working with Acquia CDP, Arcelik's achieved impressive results, including:

  • Campaign conversion rates reached up to 24% on event-based “QuickWin” campaigns
  • SMS conversion rates improved by up to 6x
  • Deduplicating 250M domestic customer records down to ~60M actionable customer entities


The Client

A multinational white goods and electronics product manufacturer with multiple brands operating in more than 30 countries, Arcelik was founded in 1955. Today, the company — Europe’s fourth-biggest white goods company in total sales — employs more than 30,000 people. The company is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. 

The Situation

In the competitive global white goods and electronics marketplace, understanding your customers, their habits and their preferences is key to sustainable growth. And marketing executives at Arcelik realized that to remain competitive, they needed to make smarter, data-based marketing decisions and get to know their customers better. 

The Challenge

As a white goods and electronics company with independent dealers, authorized technical service providers and company-owned stores and service centers, Arcelik has various data endpoints. As a result, siloed customer data made a single customer view a near impossibility. Additionally, duplicate customer records were rampant. Arcelik began its search for a customer data platform (CDP) that would allow the company to gather all of its customer data in a way that would provide meaningful, actionable insights and a full view of every customer. 

The Solution

Arcelik website on laptop

After considering a number of different solutions, Arcelik ultimately chose Acquia CDP. Acquia CDP recognized new customer records from any Arcelik data endpoint, including its inbound and outbound call centers, in-store customer kiosk, social media, physical POS system, e-commerce platform and more. This allowed Arcelik’s marketers, sales team, support representatives and others to better understand their customers. It also empowered Arcelik’s marketers to build multi-step, cross-system campaign flows.  

Using Acquia CDP’s machine learning model, User2Product Recommendations, Arcelik was able to offer the most relevant products for each respective customers while on support calls. The customer’s answer to a specific question introduced into conversation during the assembly/repair process — “Would you consider buying an electronic product within the next 6 months?” — automatically triggered a daily automated campaign called "QuickWin" to the company’s outbound call center teams. 

When combined with Arcelik's Salesforce call center system, which is integrated with Acquia CDP through the 360 Profile API, Acquia CDP was able to empower agents to approach customers with tailor-made conversations and next best offer recommendations. Because all of the data points — from the customer’s name and demographics to their products, service history and answer to the “buy a product within the next 6 months” question — were all reflected on the dashboard and in the call script, agents were able to propose a combination of products with a high likelihood of increasing conversion rates and ROI. 

In addition to Acquia CDP’s operational reports and ad-hoc customer insight analytics, the platform provided Arcelik with customized reports, including: 

  • The relations between web behavior and buying behavior (Average time from browsing to purchasing, conversion rates by browsing channels or categories, etc.)
  • Marketable audience progress based on consent source (opt-ins and opt-outs from various channels and net growth of marketable audience)
  • COVID-19 business model performance reports (Call center initiated sales continued by dealer assignment and delivery)
  • Category mix analysis (market basket analysis)
  • Custom audience creation for market research calls based on detailed research-specific rules

The Results 

Mere months after selecting Acquia CDP, Arcelik went from guessing at its customer profiles to using data to plan and measure campaign performance. Since deploying Acquia CDP, Arcelik has realized significant results, including:

  • Conversion rates have reached up to 24% for automated daily “QuickWin” campaigns that are empowered by Acquia CDP’s API integration combined with User2Product Recommendations machine learning model.
  • By creating SMS audiences using Acquia CDP’s Likelihood to Buy machine learning model, conversion rates have improved by up to 6x.
  • Acquia CDP’s Identity Resolution Engine deduplicated 250M domestic customer records to ~60M actionable customer entities. 

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