Case Study


Tent in a forrest clearing at night
125 %

increase in conversion rates

10 %

decrease in customer acquisition costs

9 %

increase in revenue per email



Moosejaw wanted to create more meaningful, personalized experiences for its customers, proving to them that the brand had a unique understanding of their needs and preferences.


Making strategic decisions was difficult with few insights into the attributes of most valuable customers and disparate data from multiple touchpoints

Our Solution

Acquia Customer Data Platform


Driven by Acquia CDP’s advanced analytics, Moosejaw's customer clustering has led to a number of wins, including: 

  • Increased revenue per email by 9%
  • Decreased customer acquisition costs by 10%
  • Increased email clickthrough rates by up to 41%
  • Increased conversion rates by up to 125%

The Client

Founded in 1992 by two wilderness guides with a love for the outdoors and ascots, Moosejaw is an online and brick and mortar retailer of outdoor recreation apparel and gear. Known for its irreverent and wacky marketing, Moosejaw has 11 locations. The company was acquired by Walmart in 2017.

The Situation

Like many online retailers, Moosejaw wanted to better understand customer behavior at all touchpoints — from site experience and acquisition to shipping to customer care — in order to create genuine, personalized experiences that showed customers they were uniquely understood. But identifying and segmenting shoppers by discount sensitivity was leading to suboptimal margins; the company needed advanced analytics to inform its creative and brand experience. With a desire to accelerate their overall business growth, Moosejaw’s digital team knew they’d have to focus on data-driven marketing. 

The Challenge

Moosejaw faced a number of challenges, including the brand’s desire to truly stand out from its competition, differentiating itself from Amazon and other “lowest-price” retailers. But with few insights into the attributes of valuable and profitable customers, making strategic decisions was difficult. The company’s strategy of heavy discounting was eroding its margin, and its traditional marketing strategy of batch-and-blast emails didn’t align with the brand’s values for customer experience. 

The Solution

Laptop with Moosejaw website

Working with Acquia Customer Data Platform, Moosejaw leveraged omnichannel customer data and machine learning analytics to help them create rich personas based on more than just brand and products. Algorithms identified patterns in customer purchase behavior and mathematically clustered customers into groups, allowing Moosejaw to more easily and effectively personalize their experiences. With a unified customer profile (including online, in-store, digital and direct marketing data), Moosejaw was better able to align their marketing efforts with the brand personality that customers love, creating unique and delightful buying experiences that were backed by data. 

Moosejaw sent different customized emails based on individuals’ persona group. For example, those in a “snow sports persona group” would receive emails different from those in a “backpacker” persona group, with personalized features, subject lines, offers, brands shown, and product presentation. 

The Results 

Moosejaw’s data-driven insights from the CDP led to impressive results for the retailer. Not only did the company increase revenue per email by 9%, but they also decreased customer acquisition costs by 10%. In addition, Moosejaw realized more than 30% lift in the dollar amount of the spend for the vast majority (75%) of customers, enjoying up to a 125% boost in conversion rates and up to a 41% increase in email clickthrough rates. Improved targeting efforts led to a boost in the use of email; as one of the company’s fastest-growing channels, email has averaged 20 to 30% year-over-year revenue growth

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