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Simplify Product Content Distribution With Acquia DAM

September 14, 2022 4 minute read
Get to know Channel Portals. Included with every Acquia DAM Entries subscription, this functionality simplifies how customers get their products to market.
Blog header image: Simplify Product Content Distribution With Acquia DAM article.

Your content influences how customers find, choose, buy, and use your products. Sales channels and regions need product assets and attributes to represent your products across in-store displays, sales conversations, email promotions, and websites. So it’s essential to have a way to give your teams, partners, and customers accurate, frictionless access to this information. 

Acquia’s digital asset management (DAM) system supports our customers in managing not only product-related digital assets but also product attributes. With Channel Portals, teams are able to filter down a product catalog to just the content a specific partner needs to market and sell the products — and then share it in an elegant portal. 

Get to know Entries

In 2020, we launched our most recent app, Entries, which offers product information management (PIM) capabilities to help teams organize product information, marketing copy, and digital assets in one user-friendly system. It works in tandem with the Assets app to allow you to create a 360º view of your product content.

Companies like McCormick use Acquia’s combined DAM and PIM platform to replace content silos with a single source of truth for digital assets and product content. Entries helps organizations like McCormick enhance collaboration across end-to-end content operations by centralizing this information and making it easy to access. 


Venn diagram showing the overlap in examples of digital assets and product content.

Say hello to Channel Portals

Automated, branded, secure, and up-to-date Channel Portals makes it easy to create and share digital product catalogs with dealers, distributors, and sales teams. Included as part of every Entries subscription, Channel Portals simplifies how customers get their products to market. 

As distribution channels continue to grow, brands are finding themselves faced with the challenge of how to quickly and efficiently get the right information to each partner. That’s why we’re seeing more brands turning to a combined DAM and PIM solution. Channel Portals removes the need for ad hoc spreadsheet exports and zip files of images, videos, and PDFs.

How it works

  • Access, manage, and maintain assets in your DAM system 
  • Use the Entries application to expand what you can manage with Acquia DAM (Widen) to include product information, marketing copy, and other attributes
  • Configure a channel in Entries with the appropriate products, associated assets, and attributes
  • Create a new portal and select a channel to populate it with data
  • Customize the portal with branding elements, contact information, and security settings
  • Share the portal via a link or embed it in a webpage

Channel Portals features

  • Create microsites by channel containing retailers and site-specific product information
  • Customize your channel portals to provide a white-labeled digital catalog experience — including the ability to designate the font, logo, and header colors
  • Provide intuitive access to content with navigation to product categories
  • Access product details and variants via the Product Details page

A screenshot of the user interface for Channel Portals.


Use Entries to automate your task management too

While Channel Portals is great for speeding up content distribution, you’ll also want to accelerate the work teams do behind the scenes to get product content ready for distribution. Task management features in Entries allows you to do just that with the ability to notify and assign tasks for newly created products.

Teams can use the Paths functionality in Entries to automatically generate and assign tasks to newly created products. Assignees will receive email notifications for newly assigned tasks and tasks will be visible to all users from the product details page. Simplifying progress tracking and providing transparency into the product status.

Increased API rate limits

While Acquia’s DAM for products offers a solid foundation for product content creation, we know that teams want to advance their brand management maturity with high-performance integrations too. That’s why we’ve increased the API rate limit to 50 calls per second! 

API updates support this increased rate limit to make it easier to integrate your DAM platform with other tools. Enhancing your ability to sync assets, metadata, and product listings across technology to improve access and support brand consistency

Strengthen your distribution process with Entries and Channel Portals

We hope you’re just as excited about Channel Portals as we are! If you have any questions or want to learn more about Acquia DAM, request, watch, or click through a demo


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