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Employee Experience

Digital experience doesn’t stop with your customers.

Align your organization, enhance internal digital dexterity, and connect employees to each other and organizational goals.

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Why Acquia For Employee Experience

According to Gartner, “Organizations whose employees are largely satisfied with their experience are 48% more likely to meet organizational customer satisfaction goals, 89% more likely to meet organizational innovation goals, and 56% more likely to meet organizational reputation goals.”

The Impact of Cost Cutting on Employee Experience and Talent Outcomes, Matthias Graf, 25 March 2020.

Doubling Down on Employee Experience: How Culture Drives Growth
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More Than Content

Connect Employee Applications

Make it easy for your employees to access the systems they use most. Drupal has pre-built modules to connect all of your internal applications.


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User-friendly CMS

Drupal provides all the tools your internal teams need to deliver exceptional employee experiences with ease

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Extensive Integrations

Drupal has 46,000+ pre-built integrations and extensions to support your employee experience vision

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Open Source

No vendor lock-in and more longevity than its proprietary peers


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Access Company Content

Enable Everyone To Create Content

Give your employees the power to create and manage their own internal content. With Acquia Site Studio, anyone in your organization can use pre-built components and page starter templates to contribute new content.


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Launch Employee Experiences Faster

Use a drag-and-drop interface to build pages with reusable components and templates

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Deliver Brand Consistent Content

Ensure the content your team creates follows brand guidelines across the organization

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Enable Anyone in Your Organization

All users in your organization can deliver pages quickly without leaning on your development team

Acquia Named a Leader in Digital Experience by G2

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Internal Asset Management

Brand Approved Assets All in One Place

Store and access the most up-to-date assets across your organization. Help your go-to-market, product, support, and HR teams coordinate workflows and find what they need to execute on-brand communications.


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Build Compelling Digital Experiences

Create and launch new employee focused sites faster with on-brand, web-friendly digital assets at your fingertips

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Enable Brand Unity

Present consistent brand identity by empowering all teams with guidelines and approved assets

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Stay Organized

Manage and share brand assets, corporate templates, product content, training materials, and more all in one place


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Target, Tailor, Deliver

Personalized Employee Experiences

Your employees aren’t all the same. Some work from home, some work from the office, and that’s just the start to their unique experience with your organization. Optimize and deliver personalized experiences to your employees across multiple channels and languages.


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Combat Uncertainty in the Customer Journey

Simplifying Website Personalization

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Multilingual Personalization

Personalize content into the correct language so your global employees have a customized, relevant experience

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Deliver the Right Content to the Right People

With Anonymous Targeting, personalize by browser conditions, location, or by third-party variables

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Integrate with the Acquia Product Suite

Connect with products like Acquia Site Studio, Acquia Site Factory, Acquia DAM, and more to enable teams across your organization and deliver personalized experiences


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Know Your Employees

Employee Experience Makes Customer Experience

Your employees expect you to know them and know what they need to be productive. Use Acquia CDP to understand them and serve the right content on the right channel based on their unique employee data profile.

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Employee data into a single view

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Reduced Operational Overheads

With machine learning powered employee audience segmentation

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Build Complete Employee Profiles

Create data-based employee profiles to better inform and serve relevant experiences

Cultivate Better Employee Collaboration

With the increase in remote workers, it's critical to enable employees to be digitally dexterous, connected, and heard.