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Case Studies

Acquia DAM in Action

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embed views in the last year

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growth in total assets

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Use Cases

Simplify How Content Gets to Market

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Build Compelling Digital Experiences

  • Create and launch new sites faster with web-friendly digital assets at your fingertips
  • Cut time by repurposing assets across channels
  • Control access to assets to minimize the risk of content rights and usage violations
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Differentiate Product Content

  • Create product profiles to manage attributes and assets
  • Provide a 360-degree view of product content
  • Streamline content distribution via self-serve access, portals, and channel exports


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Enable Brand Unity

  • Present consistent brand identity by empowering all teams with guidelines and approved assets
  • Streamline review and approval processes with workflows that actually flow
  • Minimize busywork with customizable templates
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Track Asset Performance

  • See asset activity and engagement to inform content investments
  • View dashboards to monitor DAM site metrics, search patterns, user engagement, and referral sources
  • Report out by exporting your insights via CSV, using the API to connect asset analytics to a business intelligence (BI) tool, or simply download a PNG of a visualization for an internal presentation
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