Level Up Your Company's Email with Marketing Automation

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • How to optimize your marketing strategies to deliver exceptional customer experiences and campaigns across all channels
  • How to get the most out of your email marketing with marketing automation
  • How to maximize your customers experiences through omnichannel marketing 
  • How to save money and increase flexibility with your marketing automation platform 
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Is an ESP still the right choice for you?  

The end of Bronto signals a more extensive extinction – that of the traditional email service providers (ESP). As more data and channels continuously become available, and customer experiences are now just as important as the products businesses are offering, email now shares an overcrowded stage of communication platforms. 

Although email remains the workhouse of the marketing strategy, omnichannel has become more critical to deliver a compelling customer experience. Touch-points must now be integrated with other end channels, like SMS, mobile push, and paid advertising. Marketers need more agility, they need tools that enable them to access and utilize customer data to deliver highly personalized, cross-channel experiences and drive the results businesses need to grow. Businesses must level up their omnichannel strategy to deliver a smooth shopping experience across channels – physically and digitally. 

Learn the benefits of a flexible, API-first multichannel marketing automation tool that lets you customize journeys for your audience at every stage. 



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