The Modern Marketer's Guide to Cross Channel Journey Marketing

Just like the customer experience, building a journey strategy is a journey itself. We aim to make it as enjoyable, seamless and valuable as possible.
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This guide will walk modern marketers through the steps to build a journey strategy from the ground up, get started with confidence and impact, and grow your cross-channel journey orchestration practice across your organization.

  • Stage one: Helps you get started
  • Stage two: Equip you to expand
  • Stage three: Enable you to run customer journeys like a pro

In the process, we will point out how you can leverage Acquia digital experience solutions you may already be familiar with – such as Acquia Lift and Acquia Journey, to help accelerate your impact with cross-channel journey orchestration.

The mantra of ‘customer first’ is not new. Brand marketers and customer service leaders have long aimed to provide seamless customer experience when customers call support, get email promotions or walk into a store. Now more than ever, seamless customer experience across channels is how brands compete for attention, dollars and customer loyalty. Learn more by reading this ebook.