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Use our calculator to approximate the time, money, and resources you could save by adopting our web governance and optimization tool. 

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Enter the approximate time spent identifying website issues per week and the annual salary of the person responsible for that work.

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Below is the approximate yearly savings with Monsido. This estimate isn't definitive, actual savings may vary.

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Understanding Savings Calculator Results

The Monsido savings calculator is based on the potential time and budget savings for departments managing and maintaining a website. Savings are largely based on automated reporting on website issues, errors, etc.

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Methodology and Assumptions: The savings calculator was designed to estimate how much organizations could save in terms of budget and resources. The formula for the calculator was developed by Monsido team members based on previous business cases.

To create this calculator, we started with the assumption that the Monsido platform saves all customers time and budget. Budget savings are assumed based on the annual wage input into the savings calculator. Time savings are assumed based on the Monsido platform’s ability to eliminate the time needed to find and identify websites issues and errors, such as broken links, misspellings, accessibility, data privacy, and more.

Your calculator results represent important savings in managing and maintaining high-quality website content and performance. It does not include savings you may experience using other aspects of the Monsido platform, such as the time needed to manage and hold other website editors accountable, reporting on website performance, prioritization of high-impact issues and errors, automatically downtime alerts, and more.

These results are not intended to be exact and are subject to change. Your results may fluctuate depending on how many hours you are currently spending, the number of people contributing, and more.