Websites Benchmark Report

Scandinavian Higher Education Website Experience 2023

Monsido analyzed the primary websites of the top Scandinavian universities to determine their optimization and accessibility.

The following are the top performers in the areas of Digital Accessibility, Content Quality Assurance, Response Time, Performance, and SEO.

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Top 5 Websites Overall

In the Overall category, we highlight the best Scandinavian Higher Education websites in terms of SEO, response time, performance, and accessibility. A high overall ranking was achieved by these websites in 2023. Keep up the good work! Congratulations!

*Overall ranking is based on the average (weighted) ranking across all categories.
Overall Ranking*University Name
1stDesign School Kolding (Designskolen Kolding) (DK)
2ndThe Royal Danish Academy of Music (DK)
3rdRoyal Institute of Technology (SE)
4thLinköping University (SE)
5thCopenhagen Business School (DK)
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Top 5 Websites for Web Accessibility

17% of the Scandinavian population live with some sort of disability. Digital accessibility is vital to many of them. Your website should be accessible to everyone, regardless of age, level of digital competency, or disability. This is especially true for students, employees, and their families.

Monsido scans websites for accessibility issues. Recommendations for fixing these problems are also provided along with an overview of how well your website is performing.

We advise achieving an accessibility compliance score of at least 70% for organisations using the Monsido platform in order to demonstrate progress towards compliance. The average score for this report of Scandinavian Higher Education websites was 70.85%.

These 5 Top Universities in the report scored highest for Digital Accessibility in 2023.

*Based on the number of WCAG 2.1 A & AA checks passed on the Monsido platform in a 500-page scan.
RankingUniversity NameAccessibility Compliance*
1stChalmers University of Technology (SE)    76.72%
2ndAalborg University (DK)    75.91%
3rdUniversity of Stavanger (NO)    74.37%
4thRoyal Danish Academy of Music (DK)    73.62%
5thIT University of Copenhagen (DK)    73.15%
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Top 5 Websites for Content Quality Assurance

The Content Quality Assurance module looks for misspellings, broken links, broken images, and readability issues. By taking on Quality Assurance, you can decrease bounce rates, increase conversions, and improve your SEO, helping (future) students more easily find the information they need about their university or education program.

The websites of Universities in Scandinavia received a 65.83% average rating. The Universities listed below deserve special praise for raising the bar for Content Quality Assurance.

*Based on the number of pages without broken links, broken images, and misspellings.
RankingUniversity nameContent Quality Assurance
1stÖrebro University (SE)    98.4%
2ndBI Norwegian Business School (NO)    96%
3rdRoskilde University (DK)    95.4%
4th University of Stavanger (SE)    95.2%
5th Copenhagen University (DK)    94%
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Top 5 Websites for SEO

On-page SEO still plays a significant role in search engine rankings. Common errors like missing H1 tags, broken links and too many internal links on a page can harm your rankings and visitor experience.

The average SEO score for the websites of the Scandinavian higher education websites was 80.31. We praise the following universities for being leaders in the SEO category.

*Based on the number of pages that are compliant with all Monsido SEO checks.
RankingUniversity NameSEO Compliance*
1stOslo & Akershus University College (NO)    96.48%
2ndKarolinska Institute (SE)93.49%
3rdUmea University (SE)    91.87%
4th Royal Institute of Technology (SE)    91.42%
5th Chalmers University of Technology (SE)    91.39%
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Top 5 Websites for Response Time

In addition to improving user experience, having a quick-loading website is important for SEO because Google uses it as a ranking factor. With Monsido's Heartbeat module, you can keep an eye on how well your website is performing to guarantee a positive user experience for your visitors and prevent any potential member annoyance.

The Scandinavian higher education websites had an average response time of 417 ms. Your score must be under 200 ms for you to be considered an excellent performer. The top five Scandinavian high education institutions should be pleased with their exceptional response time results.

*Average response time is based on average response time (ms) over a one week period in Monsido’s Heartbeat module.
RankingUniversity NameAverage Respnose Time (ms)*
1stDesign School Kolding (DK)    99 ms
2ndRoyal Danish Academy of Music (DK)    101 ms
3rdCopenhagen Business School (DK)    158 ms
4th Karolinska Institute (SE)    167 ms
5thUniversity of Stavanger (SE)    172 ms
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Top 5 Websites for Performance Score

Getting a pulse check on the overall website performance score (0–100) based on Google LightHouse and Core Web Vitals provides a comprehensive view of how visitor location, network speed, and device affect your site's performance.

The average desktop performance rating for this benchmark report was 53.48. We suggest you aim for a score between 90 and 100. Below is a list of the top five Scandinavian higher education websites based on this report.

Ranking University NamePerformance score (0-100)
1stUmea University (SE)    91
2ndUppsala Universitet (SE)    89
3rdRoyal Institute of Technology (SE)    83
4thÖrebro University (SE)    82
5thDesign School Kolding (DK)    75

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