Share branded collections of assets with control and flexibility. Give your teams and partners access to the assets they need – they don’t even need to be a user of your digital asset management (DAM) system.

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Empower Your Teams

Share with Anyone, Anytime

Need to share a bunch of assets with a specific audience? That’s no problem with Portals. They’re easy to create and maintain. Get up-to-date marketing, sales, and creative assets into the right hands.

Use Cases

Portals for Every Scenario

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Brand Guidelines

Equip brand representatives with standards, logos, colors, typography, and other key assets.

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Channel Portals

Give dealers and distributors access to a digital catalog of product assets and attributes. Maintain one primary catalog and easily create derivatives to show what each dealer already sells.

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Sales Enablement

Supply sales teams with the most recent versions of collateral and customer examples.

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Four Portal Types

  • Standard
    Share assets and collections in this quick and easy branded experience.

  • Brand
    Share your logos, font styles, and color palettes in a polished environment with a custom layout.

  • Channel
    Share product detail pages with dealers, distributors, and retailers using channels.

  • Video
    Share videos with an enhanced display and viewing experience with playlists and a night theme.



Endless Capabilities for Your Team

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Easy to Build and Brand

Create beautiful, branded portals with navigation, stylized headers, and columns without any coding.

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Multiple Ways To Share

Provide access to portals by sharing a link, embedding them in web pages, or connecting them to Salesforce.

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Security Settings

Control access to portals with expiration dates and three security settings: public, access code required, or login required.

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Dynamic Galleries

Use dynamic galleries to pull in new assets from the DAM system based on a criteria you identify – like a section for approved social media assets for a specific brand.

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Always Up-To-Date

Portals pull from the assets and information stored in the DAM, so when original files are updated, so are the portals.

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Help your regional teams and partners access the right content by translating portals into more than 12 languages.

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How to Simplify Brand Management with DAM

More Add Ons to Enhance Acquia DAM


Create a 360-degree view of your product content to simplify distribution.

  • Assemble product profiles with assets and attributes
  • Assign products to brands, regions, and product types
  • Share product listings with Channel Portals.


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Localize on-brand web-to-print collateral with ease.

  • Select what administrators can customize
  • Provide assets or allow users to upload their own
  • Print high-res PDFs or download for digital distribution


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Streamline collaboration, reviews, and approvals with online proofing.

  • Work requests to gather project information
  • Repeatable, multi-stage workflows for the whole team
  • Easy to use markup tools and side-by-side proofing


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Alliance Laundry Systems Distributes On-Brand Content

See how Alliance Laundry uses Portals to support sales enablement and streamline workflows.