Streamline collaboration, reviews, and approvals with online proofing. Workflow connects the online proofing process to your digital asset management (DAM) system.

How Work Flow, uh, Works

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Keep Projects Moving

Organize Creative Feedback and Approval

Keep projects moving with multi-stage, configurable workflows. Get feedback directly on images, PDFs, and videos to facilitate clear communication. Close out completed projects with an option to add the final file to the asset library.

Use Cases

Streamline Creative Work

Brand Reviews

Build and maintain brand consistency by routing content for brand checks on visual and written styling.

Legal Approval

Route content for legal review and approval at the right time.

Creative Collaboration

Gather input directly on mockups and drafts to create your best work. Ask the AI Assistant chatbot for copy or design ideas.


Endless Capabilities for Your Team

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Annotate content with markup tools to indicate specific places on a proof that need to be changed.

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Multi-Stage Workflows

Setup repeatable workflows to keep projects following the same process.

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Assign Deadlines

Inform stakeholders of review deadlines.

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Upload Final Assets

Close out the completed project with an option to add the final file to the asset library.

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Track Progress

Monitor the dashboard to see project progress.

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Auto Compare

Auto compare the versions to highlight the differences.


Enhance Acquia DAM


Create a 360-degree view of your product content to simplify distribution.

  • Assemble product profiles with assets and attributes
  • Assign products to brands, regions, and product types
  • Share product listings with Channel Portals.


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    Upgrade standard portals for more ways to share collections of assets.

    • Share logos, font styles, and color palettes with Brand Portals
    • Share product detail pages with Channel Portals
    • Share videos in an enhanced display with Video Portals


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    Localize on-brand web-to-print collateral with ease.

    • Select what administrators can customize
    • Provide assets or allow users to upload their own
    • Print high-res PDFs or download for digital distribution


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