Cohort Analysis

Cohort Analysis

Empower marketers and equip them to define cohorts, analyze performance, and get self-service business insights. Rather than depending on IT resources and data availability, marketers can get the insights they need to drive business decisions.

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Easily slice and dice cohorts

Learn about cohorts and campaign audiences using any measure or dimension in Acquia Analytics. Drill into specific cohorts as needed to discover key insights and behaviors, and use that intelligence to drive high impact campaigns.

Easily Slice and Dice Cohorts
Freeze Cohorts

Freeze cohorts and analyze periodic snapshots

By freezing cohorts in time, you can track how these audiences evolve long after you create the segment. Identify changes, trends, and opportunities in your customer base to drive a data-driven marketing strategy and campaigns with higher ROI.

Track migration of cohorts

See how customers shift from one group to another. For example, you can learn whether audiences for a certain campaign are growing vs. shrinking, whether certain groups are buying more vs. less, or getting older vs. younger.

Track Migrations of Cohorts
Cohort Analysis Understand the Impact

Understand the Impact of Your Campaigns

Perform dynamic analysis to understand campaign revenue attributed to cohorts, with configurable attribution windows. Report on key KPIs such as cross-channel revenue, buyer count, and conversion rates across multiple campaigns.

Hyper-Targeted Segmentation

Create cohorts that are easy to manage and tailored to KPIs that matter to your business with Acquia CDP's advanced segment builder. Powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use, you can create the exact cohorts you need.

Hyper Targeted Segmentation
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Unlock and unify your data to generate rich insights that drive engagement. Drive stronger ROI through smarter marketing and cultivating authentic experiences.

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Get a single, accurate source of truth across your entire business. By unifying data from all sources to create a 360-degree customer profile, you get accurate insights that help you create more impactful campaigns.

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