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Online Proofing

Proof images, multi-page PDFs, and videos to minimize error risks and improve creative collaboration.


Annotate content with markup tools to indicate specific places on a proof that need to be changed.


See comments and reply. Mention others in the project to notify them of your feedback.

Side-By-Side Proofs

Compare proofs side-by-side and see previous feedback to ensure it was incorporated accurately.

Auto Compare

Auto compare the versions to highlight the differences.

AI Assistant Chatbot

Ask AI assistant for copy suggestions, design ideas, or other ideas.

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Multi-Stage Workflows

Keep projects moving with multi-stage, configurable workflows. Then, close out completed projects with an option to add the final file to the asset library.


Create workgroups to increase visibility of projects and deliverables within a brand, division, or department.

Work Request Forms

Gather project and deliverable information, including who can approve requests.

Reusable Workflow Templates

Automate project assignment and workflow initiation from a user’s request through an approved asset’s.

Workflow Dashboard

Track requests, projects, deliverables, and your current work in one dashboard.

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