How to Simplify Brand Management With DAM

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • Take a look at three features in Acquia DAM (Widen) that help marketers activate their brand content at scale
  • Learn how these features help teams create a unified experience across the customer journey
  • Get clear examples, helpful screenshots, and straight-forward instructions that outline how to configure and use these DAM capabilities to manage and distribute your brand assets
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Delivering a cohesive brand experience is a high-stakes challenge — one wrong step can put your reputation at risk. 

That’s why companies of all shapes, sizes, and caliber need brand management to safeguard their identity and control their narrative.

In this tactical how-to guide, we take a close look at three Widen digital asset management (DAM) features that help marketers activate their brand content at scale:

  • Portals to manage and share brand guidelines 
  • Templates to localize essential campaign materials 
  • Integrations to streamline content distribution

Whether you are just beginning to learn about DAM functionality — or want to use DAM to manage your brand at scale — this guide is for you! 

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