Acquia Acquires Monsido

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Together, we build exceptional digital experiences

  • Acquia and Monsido offer a combined suite of products and services that can help businesses and organizations of all sizes to create and deliver exceptional digital experiences.
  • Acquia Digital Experience Platform (DXP) provides the foundation for building engaging and informative websites and applications.
  • Monsido's web optimization platform helps organizations ensure that their websites are fully optimized, accessible, and compliant.
  • By combining these two solutions, Acquia and Monsido can help organizations to create digital experiences that meet the needs of all users while complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

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What is being announced?

Acquia is acquiring Monsido, a leading platform for monitoring, optimizing, and perfecting website accessibility, content quality, search engine optimization, data privacy, and performance. The acquisition not only expands the capabilities of Acquia DXP, but also supports the company’s mission to help build a better digital future — one that is more inclusive, accessible, and sets new benchmarks for performance and innovation. Acquia is acquiring the Monsido platform from CivicPlus, a leading provider of government technology solutions. 

What is the Monsido platform?

Monsido is a SaaS platform that helps organizations of all sizes to optimize and improve their website accessibility, quality assurance, brand and content compliance, technical SEO, user consent management, and more. Monsido enables the following types of optimization:

Makes website content accessible to everyone

Helps organizations identify and fix accessibility issues on their websites, in compliance with accessibility standards and legislation. 

Improves website optimization and performance

Enables organizations to identify and fix website quality issues, such as broken links, missing images, and slow page loading times. This improves the experience for all visitors and can boost search engine rankings.

Supports brand and content compliance

Uplifts brand reputation by helping ensure that website content complies with brand guidelines.

Manages user consent

Helps organizations manage user consent for cookies and other tracking technologies, supporting compliance with privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

How do customers use the Monsido platform?

Monsido is a comprehensive website optimization solution that enables organizations to perfect the website experience by helping ensure website content is optimized, inclusive, and compliant. 

Automated website testing and audit

The Monsido platform automatically scans websites on a regular basis. Each module in the Monsido platform monitors a different aspect of your website — from content quality to accessibility to performance. A report is sent after each scan, so you can proactively address any new issues or errors. These ongoing insights help users continuously ensure a high-performing and compliant website. 

Easily find and correct issues

Available for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, the Monsido Browser Extension locates exactly where there is an issue or error on a page. This allows users to proactively correct any issues or errors, before they are discovered by website visitors. The extension makes it easy to review the optimization of each page while browsing a website. 

Website accessibility and compliance

The Monsido platform can help organizations to meet their accessibility and compliance obligations, including WCAG, GDPR, and CCPA. This includes flagging inaccessible PDFs uploaded to the website, images without alt text, and documenting user cookie consent. 

Excellent customer success

New customers receive one-on-one onboarding sessions. Customers can also schedule follow-up training sessions, such as a refresher training or a deep dive into a specific module. The in-tool chat connects users directly to Customer Success within a few minutes, ensuring that if help is needed, customers don’t need to postpone improving their website for another day.

Can the Monsido platform be used with any CMS?

Monsido works for websites built on any content management system (CMS), including Drupal, the open source CMS that is the foundation of Acquia DXP. 

Must Monsido customers now use the Drupal CMS?

Monsido and CivicPlus customers can continue to use any CMS and Monsido will continue to be available to anyone with a website. Consistent with its vision and strategy, Acquia will maintain Monsido compatibility with a wide range of digital experience tooling. It will be available as part of Acquia DXP or as a standalone offering. 

Why is Acquia acquiring Monsido?

Acquia believes that making high-quality digital experiences accessible to everyone is imperative for all organizations, across industries. It’s our vision to create an empowering, safe, and accessible web. We have long shared this commitment to accessibility with the Drupal community and have continuously worked to make our products accessible to all — including developers, content creators, and end users.

We also believe that creating digital experiences that are optimized and inclusive can help our customers increase traffic to their websites and better serve their own customers, citizens, students, and employees. The addition of the Monsido platform to Acquia DXP helps us deliver on that vision. 

Who uses the Monsido platform?

Digital marketers, website managers, and content contributors and curators rely on the Monsido platform to create optimized, inclusive, and compliant web experiences.   

What industries does Monsido serve?

Monsido serves customers across international markets and a wide range of verticals, including national governments (agencies and ministries), local governments (states, municipalities, councils, and cities), financial institutions, non-profits, culture and arts organizations, educational institutions at all levels, healthcare organizations, utilities, transportation, and more.

Where does Monsido have operations?

Monsido has operations in Copenhagen, London, Sydney, and San Diego.

What is the timeline for the acquisition?

The acquisition is expected to close in early Q1 2024.