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Set Your Customer Data Free with Acquia Interactive Queries

Acquia Interactive Queries
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Give direct query access and data sharing of Acquia CDP's data to analytics, data science, and IT teams.

Direct Queries on Transactions and Events

Gain full SQL access to Acquia CDP’s rich customer intelligence. With zero set-up and maintenance, Acquia CDP-managed ETL, and a daily data refresh, your teams gain unlimited access to Acquia CDP data via a browser-based query editor.

Lightning-fast Insights Across Applications

Leverage the same data source as Acquia CDP Metrics, data scientists can move between Acquia CDP applications for lightning-fast insights and easy copying/pasting of SQL across applications.

Build Custom Machine Learning Models

Through data sharing, build your own custom machine learning models on top of Acquia CDP’s cleansed, deduped, processed data. The results of these custom models can also be fed back into Acquia CDP for use in campaigns, reports, dashboards, and 360 profiles.

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