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Upcoming Webinars

Are you thinking ahead? Our webinars are designed to help give you what you need to stay ahead of the curve. We're talking developer tips and tricks for Drupal, all things WCM, customer success stories and how tos, and where the future of the web is headed.

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11:00 AM EDT

Wouter Adem - Technical Architect, Acquia

Understanding Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) has become really critical in Drupal 8. OOP adds benefits such as code reuse and encapsulation, allowing users to build better maintainable and structured code. This does come at a cost for the developer, who must make him or herself familiar with how this is done in PHP: namespaces, PSR-standards and general OOP concepts may all be new if you were previously using Drupal 7.

This webinar...

Wouter Adem - Technical Architect, Acquia

01:00 PM EDT

Dave Ingram - Product Manger, AcquiaMelanie Poitras - Customer Experience & Digital Marketing Strategy - ‎Acquia

Building a platform and strategy that will take your digital experiences into the next 5 years means stepping into uncharted territories. No one knows each device or channel that will be most popular in the future. With the pace of technology growth, predicting what you’ll need or what the preferred device will be, in even a few years, is incredibly difficult. While today you may think about mobile applications and websites, a few years from...

Dave Ingram - Product Manger; Melanie Poitras - Customer Experience & Digital Marketing Strategy, Acquia

01:00 PM EDT

Preston So - Development Manager, Acquia Labs

Progressive decoupling is a compelling approach to building Drupal’s front end where content editors, site assemblers, and front-end developers all maintain contiguous experiences. This allows you to continue leveraging Drupal’s rendering system, while simultaneously using a JavaScript framework to power client-side interactivity and a richer user experience.

There are many different approaches to progressively decoupling Drupal, all...

Preston So - Development Manager, Acquia Labs

02:00 PM EDT


The digital needs of the federal government are changing in response to rising citizen expectations. To meet these demands, agencies are increasingly looking to deploy public facing websites quickly and efficiently. In some cases, like Treasury Department’s 10-dollar bill site, they’re looking to deploy a small micro-site for marketing purposes. In others, they’re taking a more agile approach and using a small website to prove the model of...

Keith Trippie - Former Senior Executive, Department of Homeland Security; Dan Katz - Technical Director, Public Sector at Acquia

01:00 PM EDT

Ken Rickard - Director of Professional Services, Palantir.net

The Workbench module suite is a key component to most Drupal 7 web sites. Providing revision management, personal editorial workspaces, and editorial access groups, the module suite provides a unified solution to common problems. Workbench was so popular in Drupal 7 that Acquia helped move it to Drupal 8 as part of the Module Acceleration Program. And now, Workbench Moderation is in Drupal 8.2 core as Content Moderation.

In this...

Ken Rickard - Director of Professional Services, Palantir.net

01:00 PM EDT


Enterprise marketing’s shift from push to pull based acquisition models has formally changed the way in which organizations interact with their consumers. With today’s buyers searching for purchase information online, companies generate content to be found first and, with 88%* of organizations leveraging content marketing, those that don’t risk undiscovery and fewer sales.

Creating a successful content marketing strategy and choosing a...

Katelyn Fogarty - Acquia Digital Marketing Manager; Michael Silverman - CEO, Duo Consulting; Richard Lawson - CTO, Duo Consulting