Mastering Your DAM Strategy and Governance Plan for 2024 and Beyond

What's Covered?

  • How a common business strategy framework can be applied to support DAM success
  • What to consider to create a durable DAM strategy for your organization
  • Considerations for creating and adjusting your DAM governance plan 
  • Best practice for successfully building and launching a scalable DAM program
Additional Info

There are many demands for assets across your business with possible ways to address them with digital asset management (DAM) solutions. Using a strategic framework can help you set a clear direction to maximize impact.  

Having a documented strategy and governance plan helps ensure you’re driving the right focus on improving content workflows, gaining adoption, and ensuring alignment. On the contrary, DAM deployments without strategy alignment and a governance plan are at a higher risk of failure with employee turnover, leadership transitions, and other organizational changes. Many organizations see a need for a DAM program, but not many successfully turn that dream into a reality without first experiencing fatigue, burnout, a lack of internal buy-in, or wasted time and money. 

By starting with the basics, focusing on user experience, and setting the right kind of foundation, however, you can avoid these common mistakes and find DAM success from day one and beyond!

Acquia has collected best practices and samples from hundreds of successful DAM deployments and synthesized it into a simple set of questions and decisions to help you master your DAM strategy and governance plan in 2024 and beyond. 

Stacks, an Acquia partner in DAM, has assisted organizations of all shapes and sizes successfully build, launch, and scale their DAM programs. They have helped dozens of others get back on track and realize the ROI they dreamed of when their DAM journey began. Using this experience, they have built a guide on How to Successfully Build a DAM Program which aims to help those getting started or getting back on track do so painlessly. 

We hope to see you there! Questions are encouraged. 

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