Accessibility in Action: Key Practices for Building Inclusive Digital Spaces

What's Covered?

  • Using digital accessibility standards to create more inclusive content 
  • How human diversity in the global marketplace is an inclusive CX resource
  • Software tools that will help hold your organization accountable to your accessibility goals
Additional Info

A lot of companies talk the talk when it comes to digital inclusion and accessibility. Walking the walk is difficult, requires constant upkeep and is an ongoing process. But, making your organization a welcoming place to everyone is not only the right thing to do, it’s good business. Even the most well-meaning organizations fall victim to unconscious design bias! 

We’re here to take a deep dive into inclusivity in digital experience and how modern brands owe it to the world to build digital spaces everyone can take part in. Monsido focuses on building accessible web content, and has long been a bastion of inclusion in the technology world. This webinar taps into their knowledge in a frank discussion between Jasmine de Guzman, Director of International Marketing at Monsido, and Miryem Samih, Product Marketing Manager at Acquia. 

They’ll discuss the concept and tangible practices of inclusive marketing and how to authentically reach diverse audiences while delivering digital experience excellence without exception.

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