The Digital Accessibility Dilemma: Ensuring Real Progress in the European Landscape

What's Covered?

  • What digital accessibility dilemmas organizations are facing
  • Why the European landscape needs to take this seriously
  • How they can track towards real progress ahead of legal requirements
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What challenges are European organizations facing when it comes to accessibility? What is a realistic approach for organizations looking to achieve compliance? And more importantly, what are the consequences for not staying up-to-date with accessibility practices?

Join us for a fireside chat between Acquia’s Lars Sørensen and Sam Padmore and Marcus Deglos from Capgemini for a discussion on the progress that European organizations have made, what still needs to happen, and thoughts on how to push the envelope on more inclusive digital experiences after the 2025 deadline. 

This session is moderated by Tom Bianchi.

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Featured Speakers

Sam Padmore Headshot

Sam Padmore

Experience Strategy Director | DCX


Marcus Deglos

Marcus Deglos

Solutions Architect – Digital Customer Experience


Tom Bianchi Headshot

Tom Bianchi

Senior Vice President, Product and Solutions Marketing