Achieving Near Perfect Web Accessibility: The Salvation Army Story

What's Covered?

  • Why The Salvation Army prioritised accessibility
  • Training, tactics, and tools that they adopted
  • How they maintain ongoing WCAG compliance
Additional Info

In the web accessibility space, you’ll often hear the phrase #ProgressNotPerfection. But how do you kickstart that progress and achieve compliance and (near) perfection?

Catch up with this special Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) webinar where we were joined by the team at The Salvation Army to hear how they’ve tackled website accessibility. Hear from Leah MacGibbon, Joseph Pinkard and Erryn Barlow on how they stayed inspired to tackle web accessibility and being a more digitally inclusive organisation.

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Featured Speakers

Leah MacGibbon Headshot

Leah MacGibbon

General Manager of Digital Marketing

The Salvation Army

Joseph Pinkard

Joseph Pinkard

Intercultural and Disability Lead

The Salvation Army