The Hidden Cost of Ignoring Digital Accessibility: How to Win More Customers, Boost Retention, and Increase Loyalty

What's Covered?

  • Why organizations shouldn’t ignore digital accessibility
  • How to take the first steps and set a path for consistent progress
  • What accessibility advocates want us to prioritize
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Digital experiences are ever changing, but a new priority is arising at the desks of marketing and IT business leaders — digital accessibility. For years, the state of digital accessibility has made slow progress; WebAIM’s 2024 report on website accessibility found that 95.9% of home pages had detected Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) 2 failures. And businesses are paying the price.

How do you ensure that your organization isn’t missing out on growth opportunities by not delivering accessible digital experiences? How do you encourage and build an accessibility-first mentality within your organization? And how do you ensure education, accountability, and compliance?

Catch up on our fireside chat between Jennifer Griffin Smith, Matt Wettmore, and Lars Sørensen as they take an honest look at the challenges of tackling digital accessibility at an organizational level, how technology can be both a benefit and a pitfall, and how an accessibility focus can help you grow your business. 

This session was moderated by Mary Blabaum.

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