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Engaging customers is a lot more complicated than it used to be. With an increasing number of channels and devices, reaching customers at the right time and the right place involves far more touchpoints and multiple interactions. Tracking and managing all these engagements requires a single, digital experience platform that allows digital teams to stay focused on delivering better customer experiences – rather than handling the technology to orchestrate them.

Acquia Cloud Platform provides an answer: a solution for web hosting for Drupal that supports both Drupal and decoupled Drupal applications and delivers all the tools and technologies digital teams need to continuously evolve and expand digital experiences.

Acquia Cloud Platform – fully managed web hosting for Drupal

Acquia Cloud Platform provides secure and compliant web hosting for Drupal that delivers everything your teams need to build and manage Drupal-based digital experiences, including fully managed Drupal hosting, robust development tools, enterprise-grade security and world-class support. 

With Acquia’s hosted Drupal services, you can: 

  • Develop exceptional Drupal-based experiences: Acquia’s solution for managed web hosting for Drupal is deliberately designed and continually improved to support Drupal 8 sites and applications. Built for Drupal developers by Drupal developers, our out-of-the-box development tools and Dev-Stage-Prod environments enable your team to begin building, testing and optimizing sites immediately.
  • Optimize performance: As the fastest Drupal platform, Acquia Cloud Platform employs a team of Drupal experts to ensure your site is always tuned for maximum performance. A rich set of embedded tools and features make it easy to monitor, debug and optimize applications, and a 99.95% uptime SLA ensures your sites are ready to deliver when customers are ready to engage.
  • Scale to hundreds of sites: With Acquia Cloud Platform, you can manage hundreds of ambitious digital experiences from a single platform, increasing productivity while lowering costs.
  • Streamline compliance: Our web hosting services for Drupal are independently audited for compliance with a wide variety of regulatory frameworks, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, FedRamp, Privacy Shield, GDPR, SOC, ISO 27001 and other global and industry security standards.

Key features of Acquia’s web hosting for Drupal

As a Drupal hosting provider, Acquia provides a comprehensive and powerful platform that includes:

  • An end-to-end CMS for developing, delivering and managing digital experiences across all channels and devices
  • Powerful developer tools with drag-and-drop functionality that enable continuous delivery and integration, with automated testing built into development, staging and production environments 
  • Support for traditional Drupal and decoupled Drupal applications, with Node.js runtime support that allows developers to use their preferred JavaScript framework
  • Real-time monitoring and troubleshooting with tools like Acquia Insight that analyze applications daily to measure and report on application health and ensure best practices are observed for performance and security
  • Built-in security that includes strong access and authentication controls and firewall controls
  • 24/7 support in all time zones and seven languages, with experienced technical account managers helping to resolve issues and implement best practices
  • Add-ons that deliver cutting-edge performance and security to your CDN edge

Why choose web hosting for Drupal with Acquia?

Acquia is the open digital experience platform built exclusively for Drupal. Drupal’s founder, Dries Buytaert, it is also the founder of Acquia, providing our company with a unique understanding of the core technology that powers Drupal-based experiences. With hundreds of Drupal developers across the company, no one knows Drupal better than Acquia. 

Acquia Cloud Platform is also the only web hosting solution for Drupal designed to scale to meet the demands of enterprise-class business challenges. With Drupal managed hosting from Acquia, you can create, scale and manage your digital experiences knowing you’re leveraging the best that Drupal has to offer. It’s no wonder that the most demanding Drupal sites in the world run on Acquia Cloud Platform.

FAQs: what is web hosting for Drupal?

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a free, open source content management system that is used by millions of people and organizations to build and maintain websites, web applications, social media sites and other digital experiences.

What is web hosting for Drupal?

Web hosting for Drupal is a service provided by a web hosting provider, where the provider manages the Drupal platform and infrastructure. The web hosting provider is responsible for configuring, maintaining, troubleshooting and optimizing the Drupal software, enabling customers to simply focus on using the power of Drupal to build better digital experiences.

What is Acquia Cloud Platform? 

Acquia Cloud Platform is a comprehensive and powerful Drupal hosting solution that enables digital teams to build and manage Drupal-based web, mobile and digital experiences. As the leading solution for web hosting for Drupal, Acquia Cloud Platform combines developer tools, security and support to enable organizations to build and scale hundreds of ambitious Drupal-based sites and experiences.


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