Acquia vs. DIY: Why You Shouldn’t Go it Alone with Drupal Hosting

Drupal DIY efforts aren’t scalable, lack security and ultimately, they end up costing more time and energy than expert Drupal hosting with Acquia.

With the huge popularity of HGTV shows and do-it-yourself YouTube tutorials, people today feel more motivated than ever to tackle major home improvement projects with nothing but a tool box, their own hands and a dream. However, without the right equipment, knowledge or safety precautions, a cheap, quick fix can rapidly spiral into an expensive and messy disaster. (Ask anyone who's ever tried to demo their own bathroom…) The same principle holds true for DIY Drupal hosting.

While building your digital ecosystem yourself or self-hosting your sites might seem like the most cost-efficient option in the short term, those projects often turn out to be more hassle than they're worth. Most Drupal DIY efforts aren’t scalable, lack proper security and ultimately, they end up costing more time and energy to update and maintain in the long run. When it comes to Drupal hosting, Acquia gives you the strongest time to value without the risk, headache and hidden price tag of trying to do everything yourself.   

Avoid Hidden Costs and Maximize Time to Value

Infrastructure support looks cheap on paper, but once up and running, there are many ways your costs could spiral out of control. You have to configure your Drupal application, optimize it, integrate development tools and integrate system monitoring tools to make sure everything’s working smoothly. Then, once your app is deployed, you need to monitor, administer and maintain performance and security to ensure site availability. What started out as a simple project is now a labor-intensive, time-consuming commitment. 

Your time is worth more than laboring over configuring the right hosting structure, applying security patches and managing software updates. Rather than confine yourself to endless cycles of maintenance and skyrocketing hardware costs, find a team who reduces the burden and serves as a strategic partner to your success. How much is hours/days/years of your time back worth?  

You Need a Secure and Highly Available Hosting Platform

Managing the availability and security of the infrastructure that supports your Drupal application is no small task. Then throw in the evolving security threats and customer expectations and the time you need to spend maintaining infrastructure increases even more. The Acquia Cloud Platform When you host with Acquia, you have access to a highly secure and performant platform supported by three dedicated security teams and backed by a 99.95% uptime SLA. And you don't have to take it from us, our Cloud Platform is audited quarterly to ensure that it is compliant with the top industry compliance standards, including FedRAMP. Not to mention, Acquia is also a top contributor to Drupal's security team, and a founding member of the Drupal Steward Program.

Additionally, we have gone out of our way to build in Drupal best practices into our Cloud platform. The Acquia Cloud Platform is optimized for Drupal and has six finely-tuned layers of caching that are optimized for Drupal to speed up your page load times lightning-fast, equip your servers to handle any sudden high-traffic event and add layers of protection against any cyber attacks. Our platform also includes our Platform CDN, which comes pre-configured and optimized for Drupal out of the box, so your experiences can be delivered to your customers even faster.

… And Your Hosting Platform Needs to Perform at Scale

If you hope to scale your digital footprint to multiple sites and channels, you’ll have to devote more time to scaling your infrastructure to keep up. Acquia’s Cloud Platform automatically scales to accommodate any growth. But we understand that scale can come in many forms. So whether your site has growing demand or you are adding new sites, our Cloud Platform has you covered. 

In addition to the Acquia Cloud Platform, Acquia Site Factory is a solution built for flexible governance across many sites. Site Factory allows you to manage all of your Drupal websites from a single, centralized dashboard, while a single Drupal codebase helps enforce brand consistency and allows for faster, more secure updates. As your ambitions grow, your digital ecosystem can grow with them, allowing you to worry less about governance and brand consistency and spend more time innovating for your customers. 

You Need Tools for your Developers 

In addition to a highly secure, performant, and scalable platform, Acquia recognizes that developers thrive on a continuous delivery process where their time is spent creating.The Acquia Cloud Platform provides Cloud IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) which will have you writing code within minutes. All you need is a web browser. It is the fastest and easiest way for developers to get up and running and get access to all the expert tools and systems needed for Drupal development and is only available on Acquia’s Drupal Cloud.

Acquia also provides all customers with New Relic APM Pro. New Relic Application Performance Management gives you access to deep insights into your Drupal code and empowers you to optimize your code. 

… and Tools for Your Marketers

Beyond Cloud IDEs, we recognize that marketers also want the ability to quickly create and iterate on Drupal sites. Acquia Site Studio,our low-code site builder tool empowers even non-technical users to easily build visual layouts and spin up websites quickly in Drupal without requiring extensive developer resources. By enabling your marketers to do more, it means your developers can focus on innovating and fine tuning your Drupal code.  

You Need Drupal Expert Support 24/7 

When something goes wrong do you know who you can turn to to help resolve that issue quickly and efficiently? What if something goes wrong at 3 a.m.? Acquia has a dedicated staff of Drupal experts devoted to accelerating and optimizing the Drupal experience and ensuring that it is available. And speaking of availability, our expert support staff is always available 24/7 to answer your call if you need support. Acquia is the only major hosting provider to offer application support for custom Drupal code, as well as comprehensive support spanning both your larger infrastructure. 

Think of it this way. Would you rather leverage a pre-built platform created and supported by Drupal experts or become one of the HGTV DIY disasters? The choice is clear. Trust Acquia to build and manage it right the first time, so you can spend more time on meaningful innovation. 

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