Dig Into Drupal Code: New Relic APM Pro for All Acquia Cloud Platform Customers

Now with New Relic APM Pro, Acquia customers can see in-depth site performance data and gain better insight into their Drupal modules.

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Architecting a Drupal application is no small task, and making sure that your code and site configurations are optimized is a huge part of ensuring that your application is performant enough to satisfy your business needs and your end users.

Acquia is dedicated to helping our customers create the most ambitious digital experiences in the market, which is why, as of January 2020, all Acquia Cloud Platform and Acquia Site Factory customers have full access to New Relic’s Application Performance Monitoring services as an included part of their Acquia  Cloud Platform subscriptions. New Relic is one of the most valued and trusted Application Performance Monitoring vendors in the market today, providing customers with access to powerful monitoring and analytics tools that make it easier than ever to maximize site performance and minimize diagnostic effort. Beyond the New Relic APM Pro license included with each Acquia Cloud Platform subscription, Acquia customers will also benefit from the  following for each of their applications:

With New Relic APM Pro, Acquia customers will be able to see 90 days worth of in-depth site performance data, such as response times and end-user satisfaction. By viewing historic performance data, Acquia customers are empowered to improve site performance and even reduce the duration of incidents caused by their application’s code or configuration. For example, if an application is taking longer than usual to load for end users, New Relic can provide immediate insights into the possible root causes, whether that’s traffic, recent code or configuration changes, slow queries to the database, or issues with third-party services the site is attempting to reach.

And because New Relic is Drupal-optimized, too, Acquia customers can also leverage New Relic’s interfaces and APIs to gain insights into slow Drupal modules, Drupal Views, and Drupal hooks -- insights not readily available with many other APM vendors in the market today. This empowers customers to drill into the parts of their Drupal code proactively in order to ensure that every application can meet or exceed performance expectations when it matters most.

For current Acquia Cloud Platform customers, it’s easy to switch on today! If you haven’t already gained access to your New Relic APM Pro account, simply follow the instructions in our documentation, and you’ll be up and running in minutes!

You can also follow along with this video: 



If you have questions or want to learn more and you are already a customer, reach out to your Account Manager. If you are not a customer but want to learn more about Acquia Cloud  Platform please contact us.

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