Watchtower on a wooded mountainside

See Everything Everywhere All at Once With New Relic Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)

June 7, 2022 4 minute read
Want consistently better digital experiences? Keep your finger on the pulse with New Relic DEM.
Watchtower on a wooded mountainside

The biggest detractor from customer experience is inconsistent digital experience. We’ve harped on the fact that consumers have goldfish-esque attention spans and will leave your site if it’s slow, clunky, crashes, or otherwise muddles their experience. 

With your digital presence spread across multiple channels, keeping tabs on how everything’s running at the enterprise level can be quite the chore. 

That’s where New Relic digital experience monitoring (DEM) comes into play. Already included with Acquia Site Factory, Cloud Platform Enterprise, and Cloud Platform Professional subscriptions, New Relic has even more to offer.

Solve problems before they become problems

Think of New Relic as your digital experience watchtower. 

With a 360° view of the performance of all your digital properties, you have a vantage point with clear sightlines so you see problems in the distance before they’re at the castle gates. You’ll catch a lot of things before they happen. Let’s look at a few problems New Relic can see coming from a mile away. 

Problem: Your site crashes during a transaction

Think about how you’ve felt when this happens to you. I know how it’s made me feel. 

Captain America dropping head, exasperated

Not only does this drive users mad, it loses you business. Now, imagine it happening to hundreds of customers before you catch and resolve the issue. You know what that means: grumpy users, lost revenue, and frantic troubleshooting and resolution. 

New Relic Synthetics Pro makes sure you see this stuff before it happens via proactive monitoring and alerting to ensure uptime and availability across sites, critical transactions, links, and API endpoints. Protect yourself, protect your users, and see trouble before it becomes more troublesome.

Problem: Your site moves slower on Microsoft Edge

Sure, the majority of the web browsing planet sticks to Chrome, but there are outliers, and their name is legion for they are many. Still, 10% of web browsers across the globe are using Microsoft Edge and their user experience should be equally agreeable. 

If you’re losing customers because you optimized your site to be mainly for Chrome users, we’ve got problems. New Relic Browser Pro gives full visibility into webpage performance with Real User Monitoring (RUM) to understand how your customers perceive your website’s performance. 

Granularly measure speed and performance from different browsers, operating systems, devices, and networks by flagging JavaScript errors, AJAX response times, session traces, single-page application monitoring, and more. 

Problem: Your iOS app crashes, your Android app doesn’t

More people than ever use mobile applications. In fact, between 2019 and 2020, 250 million apps were downloaded daily. So, when mobile apps crash, it’s a big deal. We download mobile apps for a more convenient experience, not the opposite. Again, this drives users away. On top of that, most mobile app users aren’t shy about leaving your application negative reviews: 

Learning from hundreds of bad reviews that your app crashes isn’t the mobile experience you want nor is it one you can quickly climb back from.

New Relic Mobile Enterprise gives you the tools you need to improve mobile experiences with real-time alerts and mobile-centric dashboards that enable teams to troubleshoot and resolve issues with mobile apps faster than ever. Now you can identify crashes and fix underlying issues before a Karen leaves your app a one-star rating with a poorly worded review in all caps. 

Drupal-optimized out of the box

As the central command center of your digital experiences, New Relic lets you see everything everywhere all at once (yep, like the movie) and have the information you need to make improvements. The Synthetics Pro, Browser Pro, and Mobile Enterprise solutions all live under the New Relic DEM umbrella, waiting for you to see what the fuss is about. 

And because New Relic is Drupal-optimized, you can use its interfaces and APIs to gain insights into slow Drupal modules, Drupal Views, and Drupal hooks. This capability empowers you to drill down into parts of Drupal code proactively to ensure that every application rises to the occasion when it matters most.

If you want to expand your access to New Relic and you’re already a customer, reach out to your account manager. If you’re not a customer, but want to learn more about Acquia Cloud Platform and New Relic, we’re happy to chat. Contact us.

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