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Level-up Your Product Content With 360° Photography

April 14, 2021 3 minute read
We’ve compiled what you need to know about spinsets to help you increase your online conversions with 360° spin imagery.
Blog header gif: Level-up Your Product Content With 360° Photography article.

Brands are adding 360° product imagery to their sites and increasing online conversions by as much as 47%. Are you? Whether you’re in B2B or B2C, we’ve compiled what you need to know about 360° spinsets and how to take them from creation to your downstream channels.

What is 360° photography?

360° photography is a collection of 2D images that when viewed sequentially creates a “flip-book” effect that typically spins around a product. These spinsets are usually created with 24 to 96 JPG files and are managed as a ZIP archive.

They are often published on a website through an image viewer that stitches the images together to provide a fluid, seamless interaction. Some 360° photography even goes above and below an object or shows animations of a product in action.

Automate 360° photography creation

While you can purchase 360° photography equipment for your in-house studio, you can also expedite your 360° spin photography creation with the help of companies like Snap36, a 1WorldSync company. 

Snap36 is the leading provider of affordable e-commerce product photography for brands, distributors, and retailers. Their innovative robotic equipment and workflow software efficiently automates image capture to deliver 360° spin photography. In fact, they are the only Amazon content partner that can get your 360° images uploaded and published within one week.

Acquia has partnered with Snap36 to provide customers an operationally seamless “physical-to-digital” product content creation process.

Managing 360° spin photography with Acquia DAM

Acquia’s combined DAM and PIM solution, Acquia DAM (Widen), helps you bring content together, send it anywhere, and accelerate your workflows – and spinset photographs are no exception.

Here’s what you can do with spinsets using Acquia DAM:

  • Upload, find, and manage your spinsets
  • View thumbnail asset previews
  • Interact with your spinsets on the Asset Digest page, in Entries, and in Portals
  • Create share links and embed codes for your spinsets
  • Use Entries to associate spinsets with products, alongside the product data, other assets, and marketing copy
  • Use Entries to syndicate all product information, including spinsets, to e-commerce and marketing channels

For technical details on how to upload, manage, and share spinset assets, check out the article Is 360º photography supported in [Acquia DAM]?. Or, to see more ways to maximize conversions using 360º spin images, check out the on-demand webinar, "Level Up Your Product Pages With 360° Spin Images."

Not an Acquia DAM customer? Request, watch, or click through a demo today and see why over 800 brands around the world trust Acquia DAM to deliver content with confidence.


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