As the digital age continues to bring new ways of engaging customers and interacting with content, chances are your content management system (CMS) is having trouble keeping up. Early CMS platforms had it easy, serving simple content to static webpages. Today’s content management system, however, is expected to manage content for a diverse collection of platforms and devices that seems to be constantly expanding. From websites and native mobile apps to smart speakers and smartwatches to digital signage and virtual reality platforms, your content management system is expected to provide content for increasingly diverse formats while engaging audiences, driving revenue and improving brand awareness.

To deliver content more effectively while simplifying the management of content management solutions, Acquia provides an open digital experience platform built on Drupal, with tools to build better, more personalized experiences.

What’s the ideal content management system? 

When selecting a content management system, your technology should ideally provide:

  • A centralized platform for storing content in an open, non-proprietary format and for sharing it with all sites and devices without requiring multiple instances
  • Custom design possibilities for each website, mobile app and digital experience
  • An API-first infrastructure, providing front-end developers with greater flexibility for rendering content
  • Support for responsive design
  • The ability to easily maintain and upgrade the system without intervention from IT, and to deploy functionality updates quickly as new technologies and platforms emerge
  • Tools that allow teams to work together on a single platform with common workflows
  • Capabilities for personalization that can be used by marketers with few technical skills

Acquia provides a CMS built for Drupal

Acquia provides an open digital experience platform based on Drupal’s content management system, enabling your organization to deliver personalized content and digital experiences across web, mobile and social channels. Acquia’s Drupal content management system offers multiple solutions for:

  • Building and managing best-in-class experiencesAcquia Cloud Platform provides a hosting solution for building and managing Drupal-based experiences, while Acquia Site Factory makes it easy to manage and update hundreds of Drupal websites on a global scale. Acquia Lightning enables developers to build better Drupal sites faster, and Acquia Site Studio provides a low-code solution for non-developers to build enterprise-grade Drupal sites. Acquia Digital Asset Management (DAM) helps to achieve brand consistency with a central library for all digital assets, and Acquia Commerce delivers a secure and flexible platform for content-rich commerce.
  • Personalizing communications and connecting with customersAcquia Personalization makes it easy to personalize content with point-and-click functionality. Acquia Campaign Studio is the world’s only open marketing automation platform, simplifying automation of personalized communications across all digital properties and channels. Acquia Campaign Factory lets you manage multiple Campaign Studio marketing automation accounts from a central location, and Acquia Customer Data Plaform helps you craft a sequence of personalized touchpoints based on learnings from customers so you can trigger what they will see next.

Benefits of Acquia’s content management system

With Acquia’s content management system, you can:

  • Deliver exceptional experiences to every channel and device: With support for decoupled Drupal, Acquia enables digital teams to continue relying on Drupal’s robust back-end capabilities while allowing developers to use the best tools at hand to render front-end experiences that will meet and exceed user expectations.
  • Personalize content with ease: Acquia’s Drupal content management solution makes personalization easy with point-and-click functionality that lets developers and marketers customize everything from the homepage to specific content on subpages according to the visitor’s intent and interests.
  • Future-proof your content management system: As an open source WCM (web content management) solution, Acquia ensures that your content management system will adapt to remain relevant and cutting-edge even as the digital landscape continues to evolve and new technologies, channels and devices emerge.
  • Scale easily to hundreds of sites: With Acquia, developers and marketers can build and manage hundreds of sites from a single platform.
  • Simplify management of your CMS: Acquia’s cloud content management technology means digital teams are freed from the responsibility of managing infrastructure and can focus instead on building better digital experiences.
  • Make marketers equal partners: Acquia provides tools that enable marketers to build, operate and manage digital experiences without help or intervention from IT.
  • Launch ambitious digital experiences quickly: Acquia provides robust development tools and environments out of the box, allowing digital teams to quickly begin building Drupal-based experiences.
  • Secure digital assets: The Acquia platform has been architected to the latest security standards, providing an array of strong access and authentication controls as well as firewall controls.
  • Streamline compliance: Third-party audits and certifications validate the security of Acquia’s content management system in compliance with regulatory frameworks such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, FedRAMP, FERPA, SOC and ISO 27001.

What makes Acquia a superior CMS?

When you want a content management system that will deliver exceptional digital experiences while streamlining workflow and simplifying management for digital teams, Acquia is the answer. With Acquia, you get a single content management system and native cloud platform that lets your marketing, commerce and IT teams easily build and deliver the digital experiences your customers want. With an open source platform and API-first approach, Acquia’s CMS for Drupal is ready to deliver better websites, mobile apps and other digital experiences both today and tomorrow.

FAQs: What is a content management system?

What is a content management system?

A content management system (CMS) is a solution or platform for creating, modifying, scheduling, approving, and collaborating on content for websites, applications and other digital experiences. 

What is the benefit of a content management system?

A superior content management system provides tools that make it easier for technical and non-technical users alike to create and manage content more efficiently, eliminating bottlenecks and enabling organizations to produce better content faster. By providing a central place for storing and managing content, a CMS eliminates problems with multiple versions of content and makes it easier to achieve brand consistency. Ultimately, a CMS improves the experience for users and customers as they interact with content.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is an open source content management system that is widely used by millions of individuals and organizations around the world to build and manage websites, applications and other digital appearances. Drupal provides a robust set of tools for authoring, managing and sharing content, and a large and supportive community of users, contributors and developers are continually improving and extending the platform.