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Connect customer journeys across every touchpoint

Create engaging and consistent experiences across web, mobile, smart devices, and more with headless and hybrid Drupal.

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more video plays per visit than the PBS video app


signs in over 400 stations receive content from the same CMS


increase in the number of hours users streamed video content


increase in self-pay patient inquiries

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Achieving Success with Headless and Hybrid CMSs
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50% Faster Headless Drupal Builds

Acquia CMS Headless Starter Kit for Drupal

Content delivery flexibility starts with the only open source, hybrid CMS — Drupal. Deliver consistent digital experiences across any channel with Acquia’s Starter Kit for Headless Drupal applications.


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Reduce Time to Market

Accelerate headless Drupal application build time by up to 50%

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Future-proof Your CMS

Use whatever front end you want by decoupling your Drupal application

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Enhance Operational Efficiency

Start successfully with the right tools to build your headless Drupal application


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Next.JS Starter Kit

Build Front End Apps Faster

Jumpstart building a modern front end framework with the Next.JS Starter Kit.


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Acquia Named a Leader in Digital Experience by G2

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Improve Customer Loyalty

Better Experiences Built By Data

Take ownership of customer data and distill it into a 360º customer view. Unify data from multiple channels and systems in a single source of truth. Grant cross-organizational data access for better insights into personalizing customer experiences wherever those experiences happen.


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Increase Customer Loyalty

Intelligently collect and use data from multiple digital channels to hyper personalize content delivery and increase engagement

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Deliver Accurate and Actionable Analytics

Measure audience performance and behaviors at the segment level — across campaigns and channels — to gain holistic insights

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Minimize Privacy Risks

Eliminate data risk by providing a single source of truth for customer data. Access built-in GDPR compliance and avoid mishandling of private information.


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Single Source of Truth

Unify Product Information & Assets

Give your team access to the correct assets and product information to share across multiple channels and engage with customers. Your DAM system supplies your PIM software with the most recent, approved product images, keeping them up-to-date across all channels.


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Improve Operational Efficiency

Ensure your teams have access to the right product information and assets to build content to serve multiple channels

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On-Brand Customer Experiences

Build better customer experiences with up-to-date brand assets and product information

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Reduce Time to Market

Cut time spent manually repurposing multichannel content and enable your team to deliver on-brand pages accurately and quickly


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Hyper Personalize Experiences

Give Your Customers What They Want

Customer expectations are changing and it’s your job to tailor to those expectations across every channel. Help your team do that using centralized data from your CDP to hyper personalize omnichannel customer experiences.


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Omnichannel Content Starts With Drupal

Headless Drupal can publish content to multiple channels and devices, creating incredible omnichannel digital experiences.


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Headless and Hybrid Drupal For Omnichannel

Headless and Hybrid Drupal enables content flexibility to deliver omnichannel digital experiences.