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A 360-degree View of Product Content

Centralize the assets, videos, descriptions, feature lists, and other attributes that make up the digital representation of your products.

Import Technical Data

Import product specifications from an upstream ERP, PLM, or MDM system.

Verify Data Completeness

Identify products that are missing information or need approval.

Rich-Text Editor

Add product descriptions, feature lists, and other marketing copy with a rich-text editor.

Product history

See all activity on a product from the time it was created, at a glance. Review the changes made to product information and change details.

Associate Assets to Products

Associate new or existing assets in the platform with product records.

Product Variants

Enrich products at the parent level to cascade values across all related variants.

Product Hierarchy

Categorize products and add levels of hierarchy.

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Distribute To All Channels

Share all or selections of your product catalog with ease. Sync product data to e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and websites. Share a channel portal with distributor.

Configure Channels

Determine which products, information, and assets go where.

Channel Portals

Automatically generate a portal using the products and attributes you’ve configured for a given channel. Share it with dealers, distributors, and sales teams up-to-date assets and information.

Syndicate Product Information

Sync product information using the API, FTP, or pre-built connectors to thousands of channels.

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