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Acquia Analytics

Go beyond standard analytics to understand how site visitors move from passive bystanders to strong community advocates.

Acquia Analytics for Communities


Who are your most valuable members?

Find the people driving the conversation and understand how to get more of them. Acquia Analytics can identify your top content creators and contributors then connect them back to the original traffic source or campaign that helped them find you.


Community demographics

Identify commonalities and groups to understand the personas that comprise your community. Community members can be segmented by their characteristics or the actions they’ve taken.


Your most critical metrics

Customize Acquia Analytics to report on the most important community metrics to your brand. Your community’s needs are unique; your reports should reflect that.

Acquia Analytics for Websites


Preserve and track history

From their first anonymous visit through purchase and beyond, Acquia Analytics lets you track your customers’ entire activity on your site. Even if months go by between visits, you’ll have their complete activity record.


Learn where your best customers came from

Tie revenue metrics back to the original traffic source to understand path to purchase on your site. Revenue tied to actual people means you can see your best performing traffic sources, the average revenue from those sources and more.


Usage changes over time

Acquia Analytics can tell you which features on your site are being used the most, what types of people are using them, and how their use changes over time. When it’s time to update features on the site, you know where to focus and who to talk to if you want feedback from your power users.


Track customers across multiple devices

Understand the different ways customers connect with your brand and build a complete picture of your audience and how they interact with your site across mobile, tablet and desktop.