COVID-19 Dashboard

Learn How COVID-19 Has Changed Your Business

Gain immediate, actionable insights into how COVID-19 is impacting your business. With over 40 pre-built dashboards that can be configured to your unique requirements, these visual dashboards help marketing leaders answer the important questions.

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Stay profitable during COVID with key insights

Get an understanding of your business during COVID as it compares to last year, on both a holistic and a local level. Gain insights that will drive an effective, region-by-region, re-opening strategy while keeping customers loyal while you work to return to regular operations.

Stay Profitable During COVID

Effectively migrate customers across channels

Know the percentage of customers who converted from physical channels to ecommerce during COVID-related shutdowns, comparing 2019 data with 2020. Learn which segments have not yet migrated and target them with a relevant message to engage online.

Effectively Migrate Customers Across Channels

Gain insights as soon as data flows into Acquia CDP

Because Acquia CDP ingests data using the Acquia Data Model, data immediately becomes usable as new dashboards are released or as soon as any new data source or attribute is mapped into the CDP. Leverage turnkey insights configured to your needs.

Gain Insights with Acquia CDP
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Unlock and unify your data to generate rich insights that drive engagement. Drive stronger ROI through smarter marketing and cultivating authentic experiences.

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Democratize data across your organization through visual, easy to use dashboards, reports, and ad-hoc analysis. Empower all teams with access to data that's easy to understand—and put to work.

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