Acquia's CDP Data Model

Acquia's CDP Data Model

Get the most from data flowing into Acquia CDP. The Acquia CDP Data Model standardizes data into a format that is instantly understood across the CDP, no matter which audience attributes or data sources you ingest.

Why does a CDP need a data model? Maximum ROI.

Turn Raw Data into Actionable Intelligence
Enrich Downstream Systems with CDP Data
Instantly Benefit from New-Enhancements
Turn Raw Data into Actionable Intelligence
Turn raw data into actionable intelligence

With our standardized data model, bring structure to your data so it's available when you need it most.

Enrich Downstream Systems with CDP Data
Enrich downstream systems with CDP data

Acquia's data model makes it easy for any downstream system to ingest CDP data and form actionable insights.

Instantly Benefit from New-Enhancements
Instantly benefit from new enhancements

By focusing on data at the producer level, data consumers gain access to new features and metrics as they become available.

Future-proof for changes down the road

Through Acquia’s data producer-focused data model, save time and money every time you bring in new data sources and attributes. Eliminate the headache of configuring each data consumer after your CDP implementation.

Future-Proof for Changes Down the Road

Automatically get the insights you need

Get instant access to insights and audience attributes as Acquia builds them across the CDP customer base. Start using important new capabilities as soon as Acquia releases them. No data configuration required.

Automatically get the Insights you Need

Configure data to meet business needs

Combine or transform data and attributes to support any use case, now or in the future. Acquia’s unique flexibility ensures you get the most ROI out of Acquia CDP, regardless of your type of business or KPIs.

Configure Data to Meet Business Needs
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