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Know your customers.
Respond authentically.
Maximize lifetime value.


What can a customer data platform do for you?

Gain a single view of the customer

Acquia AgilOne’s powerful Identity Resolution Engine cleanses, dedupes, stitches, and enriches data from all sources, in order to create a "golden" customer record used for analysis and campaigns.

Reveal customer insights

With Acquia AgilOne, you can gain key insights through fully configurable, out-of-the-box visual dashboards and reports. Custom reports are easily constructed to dive deep into the data that drives 

Activate data across engagement channels

With Acquia AgilOne, you can orchestrate messages and offers in real-time across all communications channels. 

Use machine learning to generate insights at scale

Acquia AgilOne provides a robust machine learning engine that enables marketers to segment to the individual level at any scale of audience. Machine learning includes supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and collaborative filtering algorithms. Machine learning is configurable through metadata for supporting custom and out-of-the-box models such as likelihood to buy, likelihood to engage, next best offer, behavioral clustering, and more.

Acquia AgilOne Machine Learning

Add-ons and Integrations to Grow with your Business


Give direct query access and data sharing of AgilOne’s CDP data to analytics, data science, and IT teams.


Gain self-service insights about cohorts and campaign audiences using any measure or dimension in AgilOne Metrics.

Easy Integrations

Native plugins, integrations, and open APIs provide the freedom needed to connect AgilOne to all of your technology solutions.

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