What is being announced?

Acquia announced that it has acquired Mautic Inc., the creator of the world’s only open marketing automation and campaign management platform. Together, Acquia and Mautic form the only open alternative to expensive, closed, stagnant marketing clouds, expanding Acquia’s vision to offer the industry's first Open Digital Experience Platform. Customers now have faster innovation, more agility, more flexibility and better integrations. They can automate, personalize, and measure the entire customer lifecycle – across every channel, at every stage, and at every interaction.

Who is Acquia?

Acquia is the open source digital experience company. We provide the world’s most ambitious brands with technology that allows them to embrace innovation and create customer moments that matter. At Acquia, we believe in the power of community - giving our customers the freedom to build tomorrow on their terms.

Why is Acquia acquiring Mautic?

The addition of Mautic’s marketing automation and campaign management capabilities to Acquia’s broader Digital Experience Platform will drive seamless, one-to-one customer experiences across any digital channel, whether it’s on the web, email, SMS, push notifications, social media, and emerging channels like voice. Mautic has over 100 martech integrations out-of-the-box, and well-documented API libraries for integrations with virtually anything else. Built on two thriving and well-respected open source communities, Drupal.org and Mautic.org, Acquia’s Digital Experience Platform lays the foundation for next-generation experiences.  Mautic offers a very unique market opportunity and profile by being the only open marketing automation technology in the industry. With Mautic, Acquia not only strengthens its solutions for marketers, but also continues to develop its relationship with developers.

Who is Mautic?

Mautic is a provider of open marketing automation technology for businesses, designed to save time, eliminate errors and improve efficiency by automating repetitive marketing tasks. The technology allows marketers to reach prospective customers via email, web, social media, text and other channels with automated messages, streamlining the time-intensive process of hitting “send” on every message in a campaign. Because Mautic is open, the software is completely customizable for each user’s specific needs.

What gap does Mautic fill in Acquia’s technology portfolio?

Adding Mautic, the world’s only open platform for marketing automation, to Acquia’s portfolio completes Acquia’s vision of building the industry’s first Open Digital Experience Cloud. Together, Acquia and Mautic will offer the only open alternative to expensive, closed, stagnant marketing clouds. Customers now have faster innovation, more agility, more flexibility and better integrations. The Open Digital Experience Cloud will, for the first time, enable brands to automate, personalize and measure the entire customer lifecycle from an open platform that also allows the flexibility to integrate seamlessly with the latest, most innovative customer experience tools.

Is Acquia disclosing the acquisition amount?


Which products are currently part of the Mautic Open Marketing Cloud?

Mautic offers a fully managed SaaS platform called Mautic Cloud, which means that customers never need to worry about the management and maintenance of their software. Mautic Cloud offers premium features not available in the open source version, including optimized hosting, scalability and performance enhancements, enterprise-grade features, and more.


Maestro, a marketing automation and management platform, allows customers to save time and increase efficiency by accessing all their marketing campaigns in a single place. Maestro offers a single dashboard for all campaigns across the entire organization and enables users to quickly repeat the campaigns that work and reuse best practices.

Who are Mautic’s target customers?

Mautic targets companies that are looking for a simple and open alternative to the stale, siloed marketing clouds. Ones that have outgrown marketing automation systems, such as MailChimp and HubSpot, and are seeking less expensive, more flexible tools that help them avoid vendor lock-in. Mautic provides them with a better and more affordable alternative to the midmarket with superior functionality.

What are Acquia’s market opportunities as a result of this acquisition?

Since there is a high degree of dissatisfaction with marketing tools that are siloed, closed, difficult to use and expensive - There is a large, high growth market opportunity across all verticals, mid-market and enterprise. Estimates range from $6-9B market, with 8-10% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). In a recent Gartner survey of 500 companies, 51% have fully deployed and are using a Marketing Automation platform, 29% are in the process of deploying, and 11% plan to deploy within the next two years. Marketing automation platforms are often expensive, siloed, monolithic, slow and complex.  

Are there any changes to Mautic executive management?

All executives will become part of the Acquia team.  Matt Johnston will remain the leader as the General Manager, Mautic. DB Hurley will become CTO, Marketing Hub.

Will all Mautic employees join Acquia?

All Mautic employees have been offered positions at Acquia as of the deal closing.

What is the vision of the merged company?

Ultimately, Acquia and Mautic technologies will combine to form Acquia’s Open Digital Experience Cloud, giving customers the agility they need to embrace advancements in new technologies including AI, voice and connected devices. We will provide more specific details in the next few months.

How will this acquisition benefit customers of both companies?

Built on two of the largest and fastest growing open source communities, Drupal.org and Mautic.org, Acquia’s Digital Experience Cloud is laying the foundation for next-generation experiences. Open source architectures fuse disparate data and marketing technologies with ease, opening up new avenues of advancement for machine learning and automation, and enabling developer communities to innovate ahead of the market, maximizing marketing investments rather than rendering them obsolete.


Mautic can now also scale faster and with even more resources to meet the needs of customers and improve support and involvement to the Mautic community.

How will Mautic customers be supported moving forward?

There will be no change to support arrangements for Mautic customers who have current contracts in 2019. Over the course of 2019, Mautic support will be integrated with Acquia’s support services and customers should expect contractually equivalent experience. Acquia will notify and engage with Mautic customers if any additional changes are envisioned.

What is the impact for partners?

All partner relationships and contracts will remain in place, pending joint review of our relationships going forward.

How can Acquia and Mautic partners take advantage of this announcement?

Acquia will look at ways to integrate the programs. Our intent is to make the Mautic platform available to all partners as part of the Acquia Marketing Cloud. 

How many employees will Acquia now have?

The acquisition will result in approximately 950 total Acquians.

Will the Mautic name and products continue to be used?

For the near term, there will be no changes to the existing Mautic products. The Mautic Open Marketing Cloud will become a part of Acquia's Digital Experience Platform. We will be finalizing further details in the next 90 days.

Where do I go for more information?

For more information, visit: https://www.acquia.com/ or https://mautic.com.