What is being announced?

Acquia announced today​ it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire AgilOne​, ​the leading customer data platform ​(CDP)​ for enterprises​. AgilOne brings valuable new capabilities to Acquia’s Open Digital Experience Platform, which harnesses the power of customer data and artificial intelligence to understand, acquire, and engage with customers. Providing a single view of the customer, AgilOne helps marketers see immediate value through personal experiences across every channel.

Why is Acquia acquiring AgilOne?

The addition of AgilOne’s CDP to Acquia’s Open Digital Experience Platform will drive seamless, one-to-one customer experiences across any digital channel. AgilOne is a pioneer of the CDP industry, using AI capabilities to expand its platform. It will provide better personalization, segmentation, automation and integrations for Acquia products and customers. Acquia believes in the power of machine learning and the CDP, along with the importance of intelligently resolving identities across all data sources. With this acquisition, AgilOne will ​help Acquia customers increase the lifetime value of their customers ​by leveraging a single customer view, informed by analytics and machine learning.

Additionally, Omer Artun, founder and CEO of AgilOne, has a PhD and background in machine learning since 2006 that has helped bring AgilOne to the market with machine learning and AI.

Who is Acquia?

Acquia provides the only Open Digital Experience Platform made for Drupal. We provide the world’s most ambitious brands with a platform that allows them to embrace innovation and create customer moments that matter. At Acquia, we believe in the power of community — giving customers the freedom to build tomorrow on their terms.

Who is AgilOne?

AgilOne provides a CDP that delivers a single view of customers across all channels. It applies machine learning to data generated by user interactions to provide unparalleled insight and understanding of your customers, so you can orchestrate personalized experiences across all touchpoints. AgilOne creates authentic customer relationships that maximize lifetime value for marketers. ​Without machine learning, the personalization is focused on broad segments and not attributes that reveal truths about the individual.

Is Acquia disclosing the acquisition amount?


Where does AgilOne fit in Acquia’s product portfolio?

AgilOne complements Acquia’s Open Digital Experience Platform, integrating directly into Acquia’s Open Marketing Cloud, which includes products such as Acquia Lift, Acquia Journey, Mautic Cloud and Mautic Maestro. Acquia will provide more details on the integration roadmap over the next 90 days.

Who are AgilOne’s target customers?

AgilOne targets marketers and data professionals who are looking to provide a single view of the customer, allowing them to see immediate value through personal experiences across every channel. The company targets a wide range of consumer and retail companies, including ​Lululemon, Travelzoo, HarperCollins Publishers and Godiva Chocolates​.

What are Acquia’s market opportunities as a result of this acquisition?

AgilOne presents a compelling alternative to marketers who are frustrated with perceived, and actual, ​limitations in how their multichannel marketing technology​ handles customer data management and customer analytics, providing significant opportunity with unified, actionable data in real time.

AgilOne introduces machine learning capabilities to the whole Acquia Open Digital Experience Platform, allowing Acquia to provide a unified offering that a marketing organization can use rather than stringing together point solutions.​ These are capabilities that have become indispensable for marketers looking to make sense of the overwhelming sea of data from multiple disparate systems. AgilOne also now enhances the​ integration capabilities of Acquia’s web personalization, segmentation and marketing automation offerings.

Are there any changes to AgilOne’s executive management?

All executives will become part of the Acquia family and​ ​will remain the leaders of AgilOne.

Will all AgilOne employees join Acquia?

All AgilOne employees have been offered positions at Acquia as of the deal signed.

What is the vision for AgilOne?

AgilOne will be shortly integrated into Acquia’s Open Marketing Cloud with products that include Acquia Lift, Acquia Journey, Mautic Cloud and Mautic Maestro. With AgilOne, Acquia has the opportunity to provide a unified data store that can be combined with machine learning algorithms to make both automated and manual decisions based on insights — and deliver on the promise of Acquia’s Open Marketing Cloud.

How will this acquisition benefit customers of both companies?

With AgilOne, marketers can consolidate their view of customers across every channel informed by analytics and machine learning, and pool their data in order to engage with customers effectively and consistently.

Customers and partners will also see existing products in the Acquia Open Marketing Cloud begin to introduce new features such as better segmentation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, automation and better integrations based on intelligent capabilities from AgilOne’s CDP.

How will AgilOne customers be supported moving forward?

There will be no change to support arrangements for AgilOne customers who have current contracts in 2019. Acquia will notify and engage with AgilOne customers if any changes are envisioned.

How can Acquia and AgilOne partners take advantage of this announcement​?

Our intent is to make AgilOne available for all partners and we encourage partners to contact Acquia to discuss further. More details will be available for partners in the next 90 days.

Will the AgilOne name and products continue to be used?

AgilOne will be shortly integrated into the Acquia Open Marketing Cloud as Acquia AgilOne in Acquia’s Open Digital Experience Platform.

Where do I go for more information?

For more information, visit: ​https://www.acquia.com/​ or ​https://www.agilone.com/​.