What's New in Usability in Drupal 8 and What to Expect in 8.3

Drupal 8.2 introduces multiple changes to usability with the new “Outside-in” editing experiences with the Settings Tray and the Place Block module. "Outside-in" interfaces make the job of site managers and editors much simpler, but what is equally as exciting is improvements being made to the Developer Experience (DX) slated for release with Drupal 8.3. This will make it easy for any Drupal module to add admin forms to the settings tray so that their users can interact directly with site config and get immediate feedback.

json webinar

In this tech talk, Kevin Oleary, Director of Design in the Office of the CTO at Acquia, as well as the designer of the Drupal 8 Edit Module, Responsive Toolbar, and Outside-in editing, will cover:

  • The thinking behind "outside-in" and the benefits it provides
  • The current state of the the outside-in module, the offcanvas library, and the place block module
  • A step-by-step guide to adding outside-in functionality to a Drupal module or site
  • An overview of what will be released in Drupal 8.3
  • A sneak peek at some designs for 8.4

Watch the recorded webinar