Modeling the Value of Personalization

If you’re looking to assess the Value of implementing Personalization on your digital properties, this webinar is for you.

Firstly, why assess Value? There are three key reasons: (1) To justify an investment. Customers typically require this prior to gaining budget, at project start. (2) To secure stakeholder commitment and support managerial decisions throughout the transformation. (3) To understand a baseline for benefits realization and continual service improvement (CSI).

In this webinar we will walk through the five steps:

  1. Assess the current business model and review how the digital property support this
  2. Estimate the on-going business benefits associated with Personalization using Acquia Lift
  3. Model the investment required, in subscription and effort costs, to realize these benefits
  4. Calculate the net benefit per year and over three years
  5. Finally, we look at other non-financial impacts and various scenarios, sensitivities and risks which make up an overall Value Assessment.

We will walk through the process with a real-world example and also have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss this process.

Note: Register and receive a recording of the webinar even if you can't make the live session.

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