The City of LA Migrates to Drupal: A Digital Transformation Story

Digital transformation is sweeping across every industry. Take the City of Los Angeles, for example.

As the second largest city in the United States, the City provides almost 4 million citizens with access to important services and information. But a legacy web platform made for a clunky, disjointed, and ineffective user experience. The City of LA wanted to seize a golden opportunity to obtain a platform that was cost-effective, easy to use, feature-friendly, and supported a federated organization. This led the the City of LA to Drupal and Acquia.

In this webinar, the City of LA will discuss their decision to re-platform and join forces with Acquia. In addition to building and managing multiple customized, content-rich digital experiences, the City will:

  • Migrate more than 20 sites from their legacy CMS to Drupal
  • Increase citizen access to services and digital assets
  • Provide a consistent and multi-platform experience for its visitors
  • Utilize Acquia tools and hosting to manage platform security, reliability, and scalability
  • Adopt and implement a solution that supports a decentralized IT organization

Watch the recorded webinar