Acquia Partner BootCamp: Headless and the Open DXP

Decoupled or headless solutions are all the rage it seems, but did you know that Gartner warns about “the hype over headless”? Or that the analysts are saying that “hybrid is the new headless”? Do you know when and why to use one approach or the other?


In this session, we will be joined by two of our top Solutions Architects to discuss what hybrid headless solutions look like and how to choose and present these solutions to your clients within the Open DXP. We will give you the latest information from the analysts and how you are able to implement their recommendations better than anyone else. 


We will learn:

  • When and how to push back on customer requests for headless
  • What some winning architectures look like
  • Why we need to optimize for the business user (and how)
  • The easiest way to integrate for JS developers 
  • What a full “composable content platform” looks like
  • How you can use the DXP to drive more revenue for your customers


Acquia has been positioning hybrid headless and business user tools for many years. Now, the analysts and industry at large are catching up. Join us to get a crash course in hybrid headless and learn how you can provide winning solutions that your competition can not!