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April 2021 Partner Bootcamp

Boston, MA

Google’s recent announcement to ‘phase out support for third-party tracking cookies , has been viewed by many as the final blow in the death of third-party cookies in marketing. It is also the latest wave pushing us toward stronger privacy-focused open web standards.

But what does the death of third-party cookies mean for Acquia Partners? In a nutshell, it means that you must develop a powerful first-party data strategy for your customers so they can win the trust and loyalty of theirs.  

Join Partner Bootcamp on April 20 at 10:00 EST/ at 3 PM (BST) / 4 PM (CET) and learn how you can stay ahead of the curve.

We will explore:

  • Evolving from customer acquisition to consent-driven personalisation
  • The rise of the Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  • Why a first-party data strategy requires data unification across the customer lifecycle
  • You will also hear from Mark Royko about Acquia Practice Certification program


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When: April 20, 2021 | 10:00 AM EST | 15:00 BST | 16:00 CET

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